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Xbox One set for $50 price cut in the U.S?

Microsoft could be set to cut the price of the Xbox One in the U.S to $450.

News of the possible price cut comes via the official Microsoft Store, which has cut the price of the Titanfall Bundle to $450. It seems an odd move really considering that this was to be the game to shift consoles for Microsoft, which makes you think that perhaps the game wasn't selling as many Titanfall Bundles at $499 that Microsoft thought it would.

Other retailers also seem to be following suit, with and others offering a code to bring the game down to $450.

So what do you think? Are Xbox One sales still not meeting expectations or could this simply be a short term ploy to ensure that Xbox One is the top console for March once the NPD results are in?

Edited On 25 Mar, 2014

well maplins had it down at £360, i think that maybe theyve managed to drop manufacturing costs (or simply cut their profits...) as thats not much more that the component price!
Im Going Space 9 months ago
MS no doubt tried their luck and stuck with a high price and are able to drop it. Sony have said they are making a loss on the PS4 and making it up via the PS+ subscriptions and the games, so they probably can not afford price cuts, in fact in Canada they have hiked the price of the PS4. I do not think Titanfall was a game to shift Xbox ONE consoles, as the game is available on PC and Xbox 360. If it was Halo 5 then it would have been. I am not interested in Titanfall, but all other Xbox ONE games was what made me choose the console. I bet the Xbox ONE will probably end up being around £300 by the end of the year, even with Kinect, but if that is too much of a loss they may be forced to sell it separately.
superniceguy 9 months ago
Where did Sony said they're losing money with every PS4? Link please...
Hymeleon 9 months ago
Zombieflamingo 9 months ago
Zombieflamingo 9 months ago
Zombieflamingo 9 months ago
They didn't 'hike the price in Canada'. They basically matched up hte weaker Canadian Dollar with the American one.
DynamiteWhyte 9 months ago
I like the spin! If that is the case then I suppose the Xbox ONE and Wii U and other non Sony games and consoles got a increase too to match the weaker Canadian dollar? I missed that news.$50-Price-Hike-in-Canada.html At the end of the day Canadian gamers now pay $50 more, even if Sony gets the same money in USD.
superniceguy 9 months ago
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