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Is Mercenary Kings the PS4 PS Plus game for April?

It seems as though Mercenary Kings may be the PS4 PS Plus game for April, as revealed by the Asian PS Blog.

Last month the Asian PS Blog was in line with what Europe received for PS4, although there may be some variation for the other titles listed which are SoulCalibur HD Online, Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time and NiGHTS into dreams for PS3 and Dynasty Warriors Next for PS Vita.

We will of course update you when we have the full list from Sony Europe, but in the meantime here is a look at Mercenary Kings.

Edited On 25 Mar, 2014

( 13 )
Zombieflamingo 1 year ago
Hope so it looks pretty fun and I have thought about picking it up a couple of times on PC.
Neil 1 year ago
I hope they don't offer a SNES style game fobbed off as PS4 every month...
Cheeky Monkey 1 year ago
Are Sony kidding? A crappy looking 8-bit style side-scroller that looked dated over a decade ago, for PS4, seriously?
Loli-Nox-Tan 1 year ago
You're getting it for free so get over yourself & who knows, you might even enjoy this "crappy looking 8-bit style side-scroller"
scott 1 year ago
This looks terrible, I agree it's a ps4 not a snes Sony should start treating it like a ps4, I'm seeing pre owned ps4 games now at £18
Gloria 1 year ago
SNES > PS4 ;)
Bindiana 1 year ago
Why do people keep saying SNES obviously game is based on Metal Slug which is a Neo Geo game!
Gloria 1 year ago
People are stupid ;)
Zombieflamingo 1 year ago
Really so just because it does not have big fancy graphics it will be rubbish?
JoeToots 1 year ago
Bindiana 1 year ago
Yeah zombie gaming is all about the grafiks init
RTLF 1 year ago
@Nox the whining self entitled gamers are back :)
DynamiteWhyte 1 year ago
Confirmed along with PES 2014 and Sly Cooper on PS3.

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