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The real 'Arkham Knight' revealed

As you may know, Rocksteady unveiled Arkham Knight for release later this year on PS4 and Xbox One, however what you may not know is that it created an original character for the game and that character has now been shown off.

The character goes by the same name as the game, 'Arkham Knight' and seems to take his inspiration from Batman, albeit an evil one.

Rocksteady was certainly pleased to get the chance to work with DC on an all new character in the world of Batman and told as much to VG247.

“The opportunity is exciting, but the expectation [from fans] is off the scale,” Ginn told the site. “That’s why working with DC is so awesome for us, because those guys are so experienced, and it’s obviously something they do a lot of.

“So when the idea was on the table for us to develop our own character and introduce that into Batman’s world, there was so much energy and excitement around it at Rocksteady – but we really were conscious of the value of the collaboration creatively we have with DC to make sure the gameplay role the Arkham Knight has is really reflected in his appearance and his outlook and his perspective.

“That’s not an opportunity that comes along very often, and I think we totally nailed it with this guy.”

Here's a look at the Arkham Knight.

Edited On 27 Mar, 2014

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Dead 3 years ago
Meh, just looks like a robot Batman.

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