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inFamous tops PSN chart for week ending March 21

inFamous Second Son was top of the PSN Charts for the week ending March 21, which is not really a big surprise.

Sucker Punch's PS4 debut seems to be doing well both at retail and digitally, which is sure to please Sony. Someone else that'll be pleased, but for a different reason,  is Konami, as Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes sits in second place. The PS4 edition was being sold for £24.99, only slightly more expensive than ShopTo's price.

Elsewhere in the chart, Minecraft took third place, while Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD and Dark Soul II made up the top five.

European PSN Chart (w/e March 21)

1. Infamous: Second Son, Sony (PS4)
2. Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, Konami (PS4/PS3)
3. Minecraft: PlayStation 3 Edition, Mojang (PS3)
4. Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster, Square Enix (PS3/PS Vita)
5. Dark Souls II, Namco Bandai (PS3)
6. South Park: The Stick of Truth, Ubisoft (PS3)
7. Call of Duty: Ghosts, Activision (PS3/PS4)
8. F1 2013, Codemasters (PS3)
9. Call of Duty: Black Ops II, Activision (PS3)
10. FIFA 14, EA (PS3/PS4)

What do you think of the chart?

Edited On 28 Mar, 2014

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Old Timer's avatar
Old Timer 3 years ago
I would have been shocked and slightly concerned if this wasn't Number 1, I mean what have us PS4 players really got at the moment? Sure it's got the numbers but all the big titles, Drive Club, The Order, Uncharted 4 etc, are a way off yet with "rumours" still floating that a few of them will be pushed back into 2015 :-(
RTLF's avatar
RTLF 3 years ago
@OT, Don't know if you read my reply to you on the previous Driveclub article on here the other day but I think you got the wrong idea about a recent article regarding it's development. It said something about Driveclub going back to the drawing board, but what it didn't make clear was that it was talking about when it was sent back to the drawing board before the PS4 launch... it hasn't been sent back to the drawing board again since then, on the contrary it's coming along nicely apparently. They'll be announcing a release date in the next few weeks so expect a summer release, possibly early Sept...

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