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One Guide now available for some Xbox One owners

Have you signed up to the Xbox One preview program in the UK? Well there is a chance the you now have access to OneGuide.

The feature, which we touched on in this story,  includes a host of new features, such as adding in a TV guide which you can access directly through Xbox One. Also included with the update is a SmartGlass universal remote control.

Other new features include the ability to rent a film and then watch it across a number of Microsoft devices such as Xbox One, Xbox 360, Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 and

Here's the video we previously posted, which explains it all.

Edited On 02 Apr, 2014

yeah i received a message on xbox live saying about it.but i cant work it out for the life of me.says in the message to go to and follow the links.where?
godden18 12 months ago
I got a message and I can't download it due to having an iphone. The message is in the forums for the preview update is under the subheading smart glass there sticky threads right at the top of the list.
juschris07 12 months ago
I only wish MS would remember that the bone is meant to be a games console first and a sky box second I have a TV remote I don,t need all this bone TV stuff its seem they think TV will fill in for the lack of content at the moment unlike sony who are robbing steam for content and giving it for free with PS+ which is nice remembering its a game console so we better give people games
DarkZentai 12 months ago
One of those "great Xbone news" Tony so in love with. Meh.
Hymeleon 12 months ago
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