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Pokemon X&Y sell over 12 million units

It's been revealed that over 12 million people are trying to catch them all, as Pokemon X&Y have, together, sold over 12 million units making for the fastest selling game on 3DS to date.

The Pokemon Company has announced the news via a press release, revealing at the same time that over 245 million Pokemon games have been sold worldwide.

Sales figures for games in the series as a whole are impressive, with Red and Blue having sold almost 24 million to date, and that Gold and Silver standing at 23 million units and Game Boy Advance titles Ruby and Sapphire with 16 million sales. Other titles in the series, Diamond and Pearl stand at 17.6 million sales, while Black and White is at 15.4 million.

That's a lot of Pokemon games in the wild, don't you think?

Edited On 07 Apr, 2014

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Loli-Nox-Tan 3 years ago
So sales are getting worse?

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