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Platformines Review

With what appears to be the golden age of indy gaming in full swing it has never been better time to grab a relatively cheap title for your console or PC and be entertained for hours on end and Platformines is yet another for the list.

Platformines plays in a similar vain to titles like Terrania and Spelunky with a bit of Borderlands thrown in for good measure, with our hero being thrown into a huge randomly created cavern, using your platform skills to jump and dodge numerous hazards. The goal is a simple one, to escape the caverns with the aid of a giant robot called Robodig that has been destroyed, leaving you to wander the dark depths to locate its scattered pieces and blast your way out; however with monsters and other treasure hunters on the prowl death is never far away though this is not such a problem when you have an infinite supply of clones to pick up where your last copy died.

From your base camp the Master Tipman will offer short pieces of advice and a general location of Robodigs parts and will then send you off via the local teleport transport system to the first waypoint. The huge maze system you find yourself in is initially unexplored, your ever handy map initially blank, with every nook and cranny you explore opening more up with you almost walking blindly trying to find these parts. 

Magiko Gaming just do not stop at taking the platfrom heritage and adding guns, they have also tinker with a classic gameplay mechanic; it started with a single jump, then double jump became the norm, well Platformines goes a little crazy and allows over five jumps at a time before having to rest. Though it seems excessive at first you soon realise its potential, alowing you to venture to areas beyond regular reach and they add an interesting skill when it comes to combat, dancing through the air and rattling off a few shots from above before skipping through the air to safety.

Though the main goal is to collect parts, along the way there is no harm in lining your pockets, or in Platformines case your backpack with jewels, with you collecting minerals and ores to sell back at the shop or if you find ourself in a bit of trouble, sacrifice the cash for an emergency energy recharge. Though you have limited space to start there is always a transporter nearby where you can hop back to base camp and sell off your goodies to later purchase upgrades to expand your bags capacity or increase your energy.

There is plenty of other booty to grab on your adventures with defeated enemies dropping cash, weapons and also head gear. With four weapon classes to choose from like pistols, shotguns and a bazooka you never struggle to find the right tool for the job however settling on a weapon may come difficult as there are loads to try out, each one varying in damage output, reload speed and rate of fire. Aside from weapons and cash enemies will also occasionally drop their hats which alter your own stats, some offer an extra jump whilst others a larger damage output; there are loads to find with you often changing from an army helmet, gas mask, fedora or punk hair spikes.

On the first play through the final part of the game came around quite quickly, with you collecting all of the pieces it is then up to you to put Robodig back together via a little puzzle and once solved you are treated to the end game and also unlock further difficulty settings that really do up the challenge, though it is a shame you cant carry over all of the weapons and powerups previously earned.

Overall Platformines is a well constructed and fun little platform action game with a brilliant soundtrack to keep you hooked for a few hours. 

Words by Ash Buchanan.

(Version Tested: PC)


+ Interesting rock style lullaby soundtrack.
+ Lots of weapons and hats to try out.
+ Randomly created levels.


- Even with extra modes gets quite repetitive.

Edited On 08 Apr, 2014

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Loli-Nox-Tan's avatar
Loli-Nox-Tan 3 years ago
Quite cool, just added to my Steam wishlist

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