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Deus EX: The Fall Review

There is one thing that game producers and developers should not do and that is anger the fanboys, but sometimes, no matter what they do, they get on the wrong side of the wrong people and cause controversy in these tightly knit groups. Take Eidos and the Deus Ex series, a monster of a game that was loved by many, most of whom waited with baited breath for a new episode or game so when Deus Ex: The Fall was announced, excitement was high. Things went sour quite quickly as it turned out that The Fall was a mobile phone game and so began the abuse from "loyal" fans; but Eidos persevered and managed to release a reasonable miniature version of the Dues Ex experience. Now some months later, it seems that Eidos are trying to appease the naysayers in releasing Deus Ex: The Fall for the PC, hoping to try and tempt back all those that refused to play it but is it too little too late?

Just like the previous Deus Ex titles, The Fall is set in the near future where humans and technology has entwined with one another with certain people deciding to give up part of themselves for "upgrades" or augments as they call them on the market. In The Fall we find ourselves following the story of Ben Saxon, who after realising his previous employers were corrupt left them, however being a fully augmented mercenary you just can’t walk away from your employers so he ended up on the run. Having most of his high tier augments scrapped and laying low Ben is now working underground where he finds himself in a predicament, the augments inside him require Neuropozyne, a drug that keeps his body from rejecting all of the hardware and tech. The problem being they are very hard to obtain off the grid, so setting off to solve this problem, Ben tries to score an alternative, though at the same time also catches up with his employer who he deserted earlier and they are not pleased to see him.

Being a first person action game, replacing the touch screen controls of mobile phones with a more robust keyboard and mouse (personally used a controller) approach the game instantly feels like a proper FPS, using various button combinations to hurdle obstacles and run from cover though even with these controls implemented it is clear it is a phone game as touch screen style prompts still appear, now with highlights to what controller button to tap.

Whilst focusing on the transition from small screen mobile device to a larger PC monitor, visually the game is on the basic side, we are not talking bad, just that when put side by side with Deus Ex: Human Revolution it is a little bland but it is really the action that counts and The Fall works fine with it having most of the signature Deus Ex moments like multiple routes to completing a level be it stealth or guns blazing, hacking terminals and plenty of weapons and augments to purchase and upgrade to make your infiltration skills even better.

The main question hovering over this release of Deus Ex: The Fall was it worth it? and in the end this feels like a pointless effort to win over the disillusioned as whilst it allows PC owners to finally play this short game it shows that the game should have stayed on the smaller mobile screens but at the same time you realise it would have been better with a controller. If you are yet to play a Deus Ex game then play Human Revolution, if you are a fan that wants to play all available then there will be some enjoyment, it functions well enough, it is just nothing to shout about when compared to its predecessor.

Words by Ash Buchanan.
(Version Tested: PC)


+ PC owners finally get to play this short chapter in Deus Ex.
+ Much better with a controller.
+ Multiple ways to play the game.


- Very basic looking.

Edited On 09 Apr, 2014

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