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inFamous Second Son sold 1 million copies in 9 days

InFamous: Second Son is the fastest-selling InFamous game to date, selling 1 million copies in just nine days.

The game launched in March and proceeded to break the sales record for the series. The game was no doubt boosted by the fact that it was bundled with the much sought after PlayStation 4.

We love inFamous Second Son, it's the best looking next generation game released to date, offers plenty of diverse powers to play around with and also has some fantastic acting. You can read our entire thoughts on the game in our review.

If you own a PS4 and have not yet purchased inFamous Second Son then you can do so below.

Edited On 10 Apr, 2014

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Old Timer 1 year ago
This doesn't surprise me, I know my local GAME shifted loads of PS4/Infamous bundles even on the first day. I was probably one of a handful that didn't really get on with the title, my main gripe was some of the boss battles, found these infuriating lol. A good game but not the "next gen" experience I was hoping for. As for it being best looking next gen game, I think it looked fantastic, a few places better than others, but for me on the PS4 I still say overall Killzone looked better.
Hymeleon 1 year ago
What do you mean by ""next gen" experience" exactly?
Old Timer 1 year ago
About a month before the game was released, VG247 and there was a link on "GAF" ( which I should of taken with a pinch of salt ) from a few guys that got to play it at a Sony event and they basically said from the few hours they played/saw of the game that this was the first "True next gen game" they had played. Now I'm not sure exactly what they meant by the comment but for me after playing it, I just saw a game that I've played before ( meaning the previous Infamous title ) that looked slightly prettier.Maybe I expected something more after reading their comments? Not sure, either way, good game but not quite what I was hoping for.
Zombieflamingo 1 year ago
I do agree with Old timer it didnt really do anything that the second game didnt though I did enjoy it. What I would say was the characters looked great but I did feel that the world was a bit dull.

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