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Watch Dogs for Wii U targeting 'autumn 2014'

Watch Dogs could arrive this Autumn according to Ubisoft's web store.

The North American version of the Uplay shop listed the game for release in "fall 2014," which is the first time we've had any hint of a date.

After a bit of back and forward with US Ubisoft PR, a representative then confirmed to Nintendo Everything that the game is currently planned for this time period. 

The European Uplay store still lists the Wii U version for May 27 along with the rest of the targeted platforms, but obviously there is no chance of that happening.

Edited On 14 Apr, 2014

September 20th. Calling it right now
Loli-Nox-Tan 8 months ago
Nope, that's saturday, so it'll be the 19th :)
ELLIOT 8 months ago
:) Well it was not bad for doing it in my head
Loli-Nox-Tan 8 months ago
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