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Microsoft details April Xbox One update; Roll out begins today

Microsoft has revealed more details on the Xbox One update for April which should start to roll out today and may even already be live for your machine.

Here are the details on those features from the mouth of Microsoft:

- Game and app saves and updates. A game save progress bar will show you the status of your game saves. You will also be able to easily tell what games and apps are being updated or have been updated recently.

- Friends improvements. Notifications will be added to see when favorites and friends sign in to Xbox Live. This was one of the most frequently requested features, so we made it a priority to include it in this update. Also, friends who are in multiplayer will be identified in the friends list.

- Kinect voice and motion improvements will continue to be fine-tuned for quality and reliability of Xbox One commands. For example, we’ve updated some of the gesture functionality to reduce false positives on non-hand objects triggering gesture commands.

- Improved GameDVR video quality through compression algorithm improvements.

- Blu-ray player supports 50 Hz video output for content recorded at 50 Hz. We’ll also be updating the Blu-ray Player app in the coming days to round out these improvements.

- Controller and headset adaptor firmware updates will reduce audio static and improve wireless connectivity.

- Silent reboot after system updates and system update on demand now available. If your console is in Instant On mode, the update will happen automatically and return to standby upon completion. This means you won’t need to power on your console after an update moving forward. If you want to take future updates when available without waiting for your console to do it on its own, we’ve added this option under system settings and you’ll be able to use it next update. It will only show as available when there is an update to take.

Edited On 15 Apr, 2014

Does it play games any better yet??
master frodo 8 months ago
It plays games fine, perhaps you're doing it wrong.
Richard 8 months ago
My console is on instant mode so hopefully the update is already done for when I get home.
Old Timer 8 months ago
"It plays games fine" Really?? Last time I tried one it had horrible screen tear, sub standard resolution and poor frame rates. Hardly 'next gen'. Glad I waited out and saved my money.
master frodo 8 months ago
My console is on its way to me today probably wont get to play much of it today after it has done all the updates.
Bindiana 8 months ago
@ master Frodo, bad screen tear? what games have you been playing, only game I get occasional screen tear is on Titanfall. Sub standard resolution, compared to it's main rival then yes, I still think the games look and play great. Poor frame rates? I've not noticed any but again with the latest game, Trials Fusion, 1080p on PS4, reported that it suffers more than any from frame rate issues, day one update to get it to 900p on Xbox One, if visuals are you thing then you have done right to save your money, my advice ( if you haven't already ) invest your money in a good gaming PC, tops either console on the visual/frame rate front.
Old Timer 8 months ago
Dead Rising and Titanfall both had it when I played. Sub standard resolution against pretty much everything really. The resolutions XBox One has now isn't what I'd call a leap up from last gen really. This is more of an issue when you compare it to the fact other machines can do 1080p. I have a PS4 and a half decent gaming rig (but I hate playing on my PC), I wanted to get an Xbox One for it's exclusives but so far I'm glad I didn't. Can't see the gap closing either due to the way it's been put together. Bad form from MS really.
master frodo 8 months ago
Like I said, Titanfall I do get the occasional screen tear. Dead Rising 3, not noticed any but I've only played it recently and the last update apparently fixed a lot of issues so can't comment on what it was like before. Like you I don't really like gaming on PC, just easier for me to play on consoles, I do use it though for the strategy games. I still say though if it's all about visuals/frame rates then PC is the way to go as XB1 seems to struggle to get to 1080p but then reports of games like Thief, Assassins Creed, COD, Trials Fusion all 1080p on PS4 suffer from worst frame rate problems. So at the moment, slightly smoother play on XB1, crisper visuals on PS4, again if you want the best of both worlds, PC is the one.
Old Timer 8 months ago
I've been playing second son and have noticed quite a lot of screen tear on that and that only runs at 45 fps so don't buy that Mr Frodo. I would also suggest you contact Microsoft and request a new xbox one. I've had no screen tear on my games and all look great. Maybe you need to visit specsavers. I just got the new update and would say to check your screen output in settings after update. Mine changed to the default of 720 so had to change it back.
MrG 8 months ago
Also my ps4 is very noisy like the original xbox 360, does anyone else have a noisy ps4? My xbox one is silent.
MrG 8 months ago
inFamous doesn't tear at all - go watch the detailed analysis. I've not seen any PS4 game tear as yet. What Second Son does do though is fluctuate at frames ABOVE 30 so you get a judder type experience now and then, something that happens on both consoles. As for poorer frame rates on games running at 1080p .... it's not what the detailed analysis reports say? Overall PS4 has better resolutions, and higher fps. My PS4 is whisper quiet 99% of the time - graphic intense games, such as inFamous do make it slighty louder but it's nowehere near the level of noise of either the PS3 or 360.
master frodo 8 months ago
Wii U foes 1080p at 60FPS no problem ;)
Gloria 8 months ago
My Xbox One is whisper quiet, my PS4 isn't what I'd call noisy but it is noticeable but nothing that concerns me. As for the whole "Console Vs Console" debate when it comes to resolutions/frame rates, again if you want the best, PC is the one. XB1, not all games 1080p but reports say they run smoothest, PS4, more games 1080p but more reports of frame rate issues so once more, PC shines here. Even though I haven't noticed screen tear on Infamous, look on YouTube, it is there. Anyway, that's me out of this one, don't want to upset anyone ;-) but I'll leave it at as long as the games run well, meaning the graphics are clear enough to see what I'm doing, or the frame rate doesn't drop to make it unplayable then that will do me.
Old Timer 8 months ago
I agree with Old timer I have noticed a little bit on Titanfall but not any on Dead Rising and have been on it since it came out. Haven't really noticed any screen tearing on Infamous but some random slowdown which was annoying but I saw that they were releasing a patch so you could have a fixed frame rate so that might help. So far all of the next Gen consoles run games fine some are better on one than they are on the other but that was the same throughout the PS3/360 as well.
Zombieflamingo 8 months ago
On topic though its good that they have finally added friend notifications now.
Zombieflamingo 8 months ago
Fanboys being fanboys play what the hell you want and don't bash on other peoples choices simple.
JoeToots 8 months ago
But people need validation that they made the right choice.
Zombieflamingo 8 months ago
There is positives to each console non of them are "better" than the others. What I might see as a big positive might not have an influence on someone else for example the fifa legends is a big positive for me but I bet for the rest of you guys it's nothing if interest.
JoeToots 8 months ago
JoeToots 8 months ago
Spot on Toots
RTLF 8 months ago
I completely agree.
Zombieflamingo 8 months ago
I thought the Wii U was "Shite" Toots? Now your saying it has its own pros? Make up your mind mate!
Loli-Nox-Tan 8 months ago
This update has fixed two problems ive been having with my xbox one, one being my controller would randomly disconnect even tho it has full batteries and the white light would still be on and the second one is, i would get constant cracking sounds with the headset adapter but both of these issues have been fixed with this update which is all good.
Danny_936 8 months ago
Dragon Age Inquisition - PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC
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