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Dark Souls II PC 'retail version' delayed by a week

The retail version of Dark Souls II for PC has been delayed by a week, due to manufacturing issues.

"This is only affecting the UK on the boxed release of the game," a Bandai Namco rep told MCV after rumours of the delay appeared on Neogaf. 

"It will be delayed unfortunately and we apologise to UK customers. This is due to a manufacturing issue with packaging. To confirm this will only affect the UK boxed launch."

This means the disc version will arrive in the UK on May 2nd, although the digital version will still arrive on April 25th as planned.

Edited On 15 Apr, 2014

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jameshavoc's avatar
jameshavoc 3 years ago
Hello, I'm wondering what the chances are of getting this shipped for arrival on Friday morning? TNT etc. Has not shipped yet and was hoping to get into this game, this weekend.
JoeToots's avatar
JoeToots 3 years ago
James it has been delayed till monday so i wouldn't get your hopes up.
Rawr's avatar
Rawr 3 years ago
I got my CE today. That said it was missing the physical soundtrack, did they change the PC version at the last minute or something? The box still shows a physical disk.

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