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PS4 has sold more than 7 million units as of April 6

Sony has announced that the PlayStation 4 had sold over 7 million units as of April 6.

In a press release, the company also revealed that PS4 software sales has passed 20.5 million, while more than 135 million shares have been made via the DualShock 4's dedicated share button. There has also been over 4.9 million gameplay broadcasts via Twitch and Ustream, attracting over 90 million viewing sessions.

"The response from the global gaming community for PS4 has been overwhelming and we are truly humbled that gamers are selecting PS4 as their next generation console of choice," said SCE president and group CEO Andrew House.

"The PS4 journey has just begun, and although we are still facing difficulties keeping up with the strong demand worldwide, we remain steadfast in our commitment to meet the needs of our customers, and surpassing the wildest expectations of gamers by delivering new user experiences that inspire and engage. We look forward to unveiling many of these experiences to our fans in the coming months."

Sony expects to see a total of at least 120 PS4 games released in 2014. Games mentioned for a 2014 release include Alien: Isolation, Destiny, The Elder Scrolls Online, NBA 2K15, Watch Dogs, Driveclub and The Order 1886. Significant indie releases include N++, GALAK-Z: The Witness, The Dimensional, Transistor, Secret Ponchos, Octodad: Dadliest Catch and Daylight.

As for the competition, it's been a while since we have heard from Nintendo or Microsoft in terms of Global figures. Nintendo was around 5.8 million units shipped last we heard, while Microsoft announced back in January that it has sold around 3.1 million consoles worldwide.

Today is the date that we get figures for U.S sales in March. That should make for interesting reading considering many are expecting Xbox One to have outsold PS4 for the month thanks to the release of Titanfall, along with some significant price promotions on the bundle.

Edited On 17 Apr, 2014

An good turn out but second son helped with that. I cant wait to see some jrpg's on the ps4 in future that's for sure.
Akemi no Zero 8 months ago
Second Son was definitely a system mover, yeah, but it isn't like the console wasn't selling like crazy prior to it's release. Looking like if PS4 continues to sell at it's current pace it's total sales will overtake the combined LTD numbers for both Xbone and Wii U within the next few weeks. That's damn impressive.
PrometheusFan 8 months ago
Yes i know that but don't cut other consoles short coz people all have there preference, you know & on record i like all platforms not super keen on the xbox one since what there doing with it does not grab me.
Akemi no Zero 8 months ago
Whoa there... I never said anything against anyone having a preference for particular consoles, I was only mentioning how impressive the numbers were in context of sales of other current generation consoles is all.
PrometheusFan 8 months ago
Yeah i know but i was making an point.
Akemi no Zero 8 months ago
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