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The Walking Dead Season 2 arrives on Vita next week

Telltale Games will release The Walking Dead Season 2 on April 23 in Europe for the PS Vita.

The first two episodes of the series will be available for £3.99/€4.99, although a season pass will also be available, offering a 20 per cent discount over purchasing each episode individually.

Season 2 will total five episodes in all. 

The Walking Dead arrived on Vita in August 2013. Both The Walking Dead Season 1 and episode 400 Days can be purchased now, which may be worth it as decisions you make in these games carry over to season 2.

Edited On 17 Apr, 2014

How is series 2? I have played Season 1 and 400 days on my 360 but that is no longer in use so not sure what to do about season 2
Bindiana 8 months ago
Just wait till the whole thing is out and pick it up on a deal, that's what I'm doing
Loli-Nox-Tan 8 months ago
Same here
RTLF 8 months ago
but i only play it on the vita as works much better with touch controls
RTLF 8 months ago
So has anyone played season 2 just wanted to know how much rolls over from season one to know whether to play season 1 again on vita or PS3 or can you just jump into season 2
Bindiana 8 months ago
So far there are a few different mentions from it, speaking to a friend that didnt have his save file from the first it annoyed him that they were referring to choices that he didnt pick. So far nothing from the DLC has came into it yet.
Zombieflamingo 8 months ago
Just play it through again on vita Bindi, easiest platinum you'll ever get, you literally just have to finish all 5 episodes :P
RTLF 8 months ago
Cheers Zombie so basically randomly picks choices if you have no save file. yeah will probably play through it again then so the second season has some bearing from the first.
Bindiana 8 months ago
Its not the easiest achievements though that goes to Avatar all 1000 in under two minutes.
Zombieflamingo 8 months ago
I'll be waiting until it's finished coming out before playing it. Telltale are awful at keeping to a schedule with their episodic content. Oh, and anyone considering WD Season one on Vita, worth noting that it's about a fiver for the whole thing on the PSN store right now.
PrometheusFan 8 months ago
Looks like Vita version of second season of The Walking Dead won't feature a Platinum either
Artemisthemp 8 months ago
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