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NPD March: PS4 top console despite Titanfall launch; Xbox One ships 5 million to retail

The sales results are in for video game software and hardware in the U.S for the month of March, so who are the big winners?

Well, in what must surely be a body blow to Microsoft in the month that its huge hope Titanfall went on sale, Sony's PS4 actually led hardware sales for the third consecutive month in the US.

While actual figures are not give, the NPD Group noted that Sony's PlayStation 4 led hardware sales despite Titanfall topping the games chart.

"PS4 and Xbox One continue to see success with cumulative sales of the two consoles through the first five months currently totaling more than double that of their predecessors, the PS3 and Xbox 360," noted NPD analyst Liam Callahan.

Sony's inFamous on PS4 also proved to be a big hit, coming in at second place while Ubisoft's South Park: The Stick of Truth and Activision's Call of Duty: Ghosts also fared well.

Microsoft did not have too much to say in response, although it did confirm that it has now shipped 5 million consoles to retail, although this figure is different from Sony's 7 million in that the latter is sold through to the consumer.

The hardware giant also gave some interesting facts about its performance in the month of March:

- Xbox One sold 311,000 units sold in the U.S. in the month of March.
- Xbox 360 sold 111,000 units.
- Xbox One software sales an average of 2.9 games sold per console.
- Xbox One and Xbox 360 combined saw 4.1 million games sold.
- Xbox One sold 1.4 million games in March and Xbox 360 sold 2.7 million

What do you think of this news?

Edited On 17 Apr, 2014

As much as I love the Xbox One I'm a little surprised it's shipped as many as 5 million consoles, I know still 2 million behind PS4 but I remember before launch, DRM, 24 hour check in's, then the turnaround, price difference on launch, Kinect etc. I honestly thought it would be more behind PS4 than it is today especially when some sites were predicting PS4 would outsell it 3-1, some even said 4-1. Also taking it into account that it hasn't released in all countries/regions yet so all in all I don't think it's doing too bad at the moment.
Old Timer 5 months ago
@Old Timer There is a massive difference between the 5 million Microsoft have shipped to retail and the 7 million that Sony have shipped to customers. For all we know there could be over a million sat in retail at the moment, that would put them at over 3 million behind Sony.
ALISON 5 months ago
@ ALISON Yep, it could be even more than that, who knows but In my opinion though Xbox One still hasn't done as bad as a lot were predicting it would before launch considering all the things I mentioned before. As with the games industry, 6 months - 1 year from now things will change, PS4 might go even further ahead or Xbox One will catch up. I think this years E3 could be the most important yet for these companies, especially Microsoft.
Old Timer 5 months ago
Wow, Microsoft really gave it everything they possibly could in March as well, but still they got trounced by Sony. Guess Titanfall won't be "the new CoD" after all.
PrometheusFan 5 months ago
X box one price drop maybe? Shop to ain't even selling titanfall bundle for £350! Would have picked one up if it were
selfdestruct 5 months ago
I wouldnt say Microsoft are doing terrible but Sony are doing great which on the plus side will have to make microsoft work harder to catch up as competition is everything and if it means me getting better games then the better.
Zombieflamingo 5 months ago
If M$ are doing terrible then how is Ninty doing?
Loli-Nox-Tan 5 months ago
On the 3DS alone great.
Zombieflamingo 5 months ago
Zombie, I'm not sure being put under pressure by competition is likely to have any real impact on the quality of the games that they put out one way or another... if anything, all that's likely to happen (Given MS' track record) is there will be more "Titanfall" scenarios, where MS will pay publishers to not release certain games on Playstation. Rumour going around lately is that this is exactly what's happening with Resident Evil 7 in fact. That's not a situation that benefits anyone really. Oh, and Nox, it doesn't look like Nintendo had a good month. 3DS sold about half what Xbone did, and Wii U sold less than half what 3DS did it appears.
PrometheusFan 5 months ago
I dont see it happening anytime soon but they will have to gain back the ground somehow. Not sure how I feel about Resident Evil 7 even without the exclusive rumours
Zombieflamingo 5 months ago
RE7 will be shit, rather have Revelations 2.
Gloria 4 months ago
Capcpom have been getting their act together in the past few years (Maybe they can go back to being Capcom) & they have said Resident Evil 6 was a mistake, so maybe RE 7 will be a good game (RE6 was an ok-ish game)
Loli-Nox-Tan 4 months ago
RE6 had its moments but Revelations was better, it needs to go back to the tight corridors and not being an action game. The chris parts of 6 were terrible. They should give Chris and Leon a rest though and go for Rebecca or Claire again or hell Barry Burton that I would buy.
Zombieflamingo 4 months ago
The best part in Resi 6 was Jake's story, even the Leon sections were to action focused. The overall story was quite good though
Loli-Nox-Tan 4 months ago
@ PrometheusFan, I've seen the story on a few sites now about Microsoft/RE7, Eurogamer and VG247 even suggested they heard rumours that Microsoft are going to buy Capcom. Personally though I'm just looking forward to E3, hoping both MS and Sony announce some great "new" titles. I just hope we don't end up hearing about more sequels or even more HD remakes.
Old Timer 4 months ago
What I'd like to see happen with the main RE franchise is a merger with Dead Rising, the Zombrex company could easily be a subsidiary of Umbrella, and it could all tie together quite well in to a nice action game. Then they could just turn Revelations in to a series of it's own in the classic RE style, and concentrate on the back stories of characters and smaller missions.
Gloria 4 months ago
Did that mean that PS4 outsell WiiU already?
Hymeleon 4 months ago
Notice it's Xbox sold 5 mill to retailers and Sony sold 7 mill to customers! Can't wait until Xbox one drops in price!
selfdestruct 4 months ago
Bought mine for £339 on Friday, Asda and Amazon also have the titanfall bundle for £350.
Matthew 4 months ago
I went to Sainsbury with a friend yesterday, they were doing ( not sure if it's all stores ) Xbox One with any game for £349.99, they didn't have a big selection of games though but my friend picked up Xbox One/Ryse Son of Rome.
Old Timer 4 months ago
Looking forward to Titan Fall 2 to be honest, clearly it'll be a far better game and there'll surely be more choice regarding what machine to buy it for.
retroriley 4 months ago
I got bored of titanfall after the first week to be honest..
JoeToots 4 months ago
You get bored of just about everything after a week Tootell.
Gloria 4 months ago
Apart from fifa...
JoeToots 4 months ago
@old timer the problem with saying Also taking it into account that it the bone hasn't released in all countries/regions yet so all in all I don't think it's doing too bad at the moment is that a lot of those countries/regions MS are not welcome their a lot countries out their that simply don't like or hate MS or the USA for one or another MS picked the countries they can get the best sales out of the rest of the countries will not a big differents
DarkZentai 4 months ago
Xbox one is now £310 from one of the UK's biggest PC component retailers.
Matthew 4 months ago
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