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Beware Planet Earth Review

With there being hundreds of tower defence games it is surprising that only a few manage to garner enough credit and attention but just like Plants Vs. Zombies, Beware Planet Earth manages to combine not only the tried and tested strategic formula but also a catchy and fun setting that manages to set it apart from all of the other titles.

Having clearly been inspired by Plants Vs. Zombies, Lightmare Studios have taken this format and managed to work it into an alien invasion scenario with our narrator Barney stuck in his outhouse, offering advice as and when he can but mostly relying on your skills and tactics to save his cows from being abducted.

With the aliens approach being dictated by a set path, they will beam in on their crop-circle and make their way to the pasture to then grab the cows and make their way back to base. It is down to you to stop them and even though stuck in his toilet Barney is able to supply you with various contraptions to assist.

Rather than give you infinite supply of weapons you need to harvest cogs to build your contraptions; this is done by building and placing a Cog Factory on the game map which then you need to farm as and when they pop up. The gameplay is very intense, with it rarely giving you a breather, splitting your concentration from just focusing on aliens to watching the whole screen and collecting cogs before they disappear, then working out where to place all of your towers, there is a lot going on at once.

The aliens themselves start off as your basic little green men but quickly start sending in more difficult troops, some with shields, others with ninja skills or spy aliens that can avoid detection from your cannons and even maids that clean the path of all obstacles that may lay on the path.

Even with an army of aliens approaching and Barney stuck on the loo he is still able to offer a decent array of weapons with fire spewing BBQ's, a freezer that slows down aliens to more basic keg cannons and land mines. Early on you also come across some alien tech, a laser zapper with limited power that has loads of uses from clearing hay bales to allow space for more emplacements to destroying shields and spy camouflage; they can also overcharge cannons to up the fire rare for a brief time and also be handy to help weaken enemies for short bursts of you are desperate.

With plenty of levels and challenges to unlock plus a veteran mode to up the challenge, Beware Planet Earth is a fun and addictive alternative to the mega popular Plants Vs. Zombies, a game that since its release has been hard to beat, although this comes really close.

Words by Ash Buchanan.

(Version Tested: PC/Steam)


+ Addictive tower based fun
+ Lots of levels to unlock
+ Colourful and well created visuals


None listed.

Edited On 21 Apr, 2014

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