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Octodad: Dadliest Catch Review

What if you had a Octopus for a dad, that would be odd wouldn't it? It would be even more odd if you never knew he was an Octopus, right? It certainly sounds like a bizarre situation and while this is not likely to happen in the real world, we can thank the world of video games for bringing this odd concept to reality. Say hello to Octodad: Dadliest Catch.

It's always great when developers come up with new and interesting concepts and I for one would love to have been in the room when this one was suggested. Just what were developer Young Horses thinking, "I know, let's make a game where you play an Octopus who marries a human, has kids and fools them all into thinking he himself is human." How that idea came about has got to be one interesting story.

Anyway, Octodad: Dadliest Catch exists and will soon arrive on PS4 for you all to enjoy, although it's a bit of a love it or leave it type of game. Octodad's main draw is it's humour. The story, as mentioned, sees you playing as an Octopus who is married to a human woman. The couple have two kids and throughout the game go about their lives by mowing the lawn, cooking burgers, going shopping and visiting the Aquarium as part of a fun day out. That's the game in a nutshell really, except there is the twist that you are controlling an Octopus, which adds a whole new dimension to another wise standard day.

Controlling Octodad is challenging. One stick controls the height of his arms, the other the direction. Using the triggers on the Dualshock 4 moves his legs, often making for a spaghetti junction effect as he clambers along, often getting tangle up in chair legs and all manner of other obstacles. The nature of the controls are quite awkward to get used to at first, therefore simple tasks such as taking the milk to your daughter or making a coffee will result in all manner of mess and chaos as you try to get from point A to B. After a while though you'll get used to the controls and you'll no doubt have a lot of fun doing so.

I'm personally still coming to terms with how I feel about the game, the missions for instance are hardly challenging and often see you collecting items or trying to solve simple puzzles, which would be easily completed within seconds were it not for the fact that the controls are quite awkward and frustrating. Sure this is the intention and in many ways it keeps you hooked and entertained, but at the same time it can be a little tedious. To be fair though it is also often very humorous too, as you slip on bananas or accidentally hit people with objects, however it'll probably depend on the person as to how you feel about these moments.

Octodad only took me a few hours to complete and to be honest that was just enough. The missions and tasks don't really change much and it's only when the mad chef who is trying to turn you into sushi makes the odd appearance that things get really challenging and exciting. Otherwise it's a little mundane if I'm being honest.

One saving grace for Octodad is that throughout the few hours you'll be playing there are plenty of different areas you'll visit. Starting off at home you'll break the family china and furniture, before heading to cause chaos at the supermarket. After that it's on to the Aquarium, which is probably the most diverse section of the game thanks to the amount of puzzles and surprises on offer here. 

Another shining moment for Octodad is the theme tune, which is just excellent, so much so that I hunted it down so that you can listen to it above. There are some moments in the game where the sound goes right through you, such as when Octodad's son is standing on a keyboard in the supermarket - It's like chalk on a blackboard which I swear the developers included on purpose.

So is Octodad worth the asking price? Well there's a question. One things for sure, Octodad is different, but the only problem is that it will certainly not be for everyone. Octodad is a marmite type of game, you'll either love it, hate it or not understand it. If you have the spare cash then I say give it a try, after all, it's not every day an Octopus marries a human and then fathers her children.

Words by Joe Anderson.
Twitter: @_wotta | PSN/XBLA: wotta

(Version Tested: PS4)


+ It's different
+ Plenty of humorous moments
+ Great theme song


- Tasks can be mundane
- Won't be for everyone

Edited On 23 Apr, 2014

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