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DriveClub information including release date "in the coming weeks"

The official Driveclub Facebook page has updated, with news that we'll be getting an update on the game and its content in the coming weeks.

“We know you want news about Driveclub. We are going to bring you up to speed with a full ?Driveclub update soon, because we are immensely proud of how the game is developing and we’re confident you’ll see why when we show you more,” the developer said.

“Expect an official release date, full game details and new videos in the weeks to come. We’re looking forward to showing you more.”

Evolution Studios teased the same around a month ago, however this time we are pretty confident that the information will be forthcoming.

Do you feel that all these delays to the game will dent its impact or do you feel that it'll look even better than ever thanks to the delay?

Edited On 28 Apr, 2014

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Old Timer's avatar
Old Timer 3 years ago
As much as I look forward to any new racing title but I've sort of lost interest in this now. Maybe when they show some new footage or give us some info I'll change my mind. Up to yet though it seems to have had a lot of issues which lead to numerous delays, some said to polish it, some said to add more online features, some even reported it went back to the drawing board, who knows but I'm not holding my breath.
Dave 'BubbaJai' Aston's avatar
Dave 'BubbaJai' Aston 3 years ago
Good to see that new info is coming soon. I am still really looking forward to this. Plenty of motor racing games for me this year
Dead's avatar
Dead 3 years ago
Be surprised if this gets released much before Christmas.
Dave 'BubbaJai' Aston's avatar
Dave 'BubbaJai' Aston 3 years ago
I'm calling a release of around August. If they go anywhere near Nov/Dec it is going to be competing against Project CARS and won't stand a chance
RTLF's avatar
RTLF 3 years ago
Ever since that date was accidentally leaked on Twitter I've thought it'd be released in Sept so gonna stick with that as my prediction. @OT some aspects of the game went back to the drawing board but that was before the PS4 was launched. Some articles might have suggested otherwise but turns out they were misinterpreting the information... either way most of the game will be free on ps plus so will be welcomed by me with open arms whenever it does arrive
jaijai's avatar
jaijai 3 years ago
LOL Same shit as before ,i wont hold my breath

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