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Rate the Rumour: Mass Effect Trilogy listed for PS4/Xbox One by Chilean retailer

It may be an error and mean nothing at all, but Chilean retailer Zmart has listed up The Mass Effect Trilogy for PS4 and Xbox One.

There is not a lot of information surrounding this, but it's very interesting to note, considering the current trend of bringing older titles to the new generation of consoles.

Some have suggested that this could mean a Mass Effect 4 reveal for PS4 and Xbox One at E3, although with Bioware currently finishing up Dragon Age: Inquisition, this does seem unlikely. Perhaps EA is filling the gap before next year's inevitable reveal?

What do you think? Could this be true? 

Rate the rumor!

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2 - Unlikely
3 - Hard to Tell
4 - Possibly
5 - Definitely

Edited On 28 Apr, 2014

( 23 )
JoeToots 1 year ago
4, ive been hearing it float around alot.
jay.hamilton 1 year ago
4 too, mass effect was a belter of a trilogy so its highly likely EA will jump on the cash in remake bandwagon, remastered will probably feature in there somewhere
Dan 1 year ago
4: I can't see why this wouldn't happen...and I can see it coming with all the DLC too.
JoeToots 1 year ago
i never even played it.
jay.hamilton 1 year ago
Well if youve never played it then its well worth pickin up on next gen, an rpg 3rd person shooter, genious, just hope ME4 gets an announce soon, doubt it but i can hope
Old Timer 1 year ago
4: I'd much rather we hear about Mass Effect 4 though.
JoeToots 1 year ago
naa if i wanted to play last gen games i would of stuck with the ps3/x360
Dave 'BubbaJai' Aston 1 year ago
I could be interested in replaying on PS4 with all the extras. I heard ME4 will not involve Cdr Shep in any way, as there is a huge universe for other stories. Personally I would like the main character to Garrat
Gloria 1 year ago
Oh great, another last gen rerelease.
jay.hamilton 1 year ago
Shepards story has been told and the endings would contradict any further stories, I heard that the new story will run concurrent with the Shepard timeline, but that's just a rumour, I would prefer to go years into the future and see what my actions from 1 2 and 3 resulted in,
Loli-Nox-Tan 1 year ago
5. Personally I don't want this (PC Master Race) but I could go for a Gears Trilogy re-release
JoeToots 1 year ago
I'm the same a Nox i'm against all remakes but if they announced a gears one i'd embrase it...
Loli-Nox-Tan 1 year ago
I'm not against ALL remakes. Ones I would want are Eternal Darkness, Majora's Mask, Metroid Prime Trilogy. FF12, Gears Trilogy & Halo2
JoeToots 1 year ago
I don't mind remakes if they miss a gen but remaking a last gen game seems stupid (unless it's gears of war! yes i know biased)
jay.hamilton 1 year ago
eternal darkness and majoras mask would be awesome
jay.hamilton 1 year ago
i think that if majoras mask was remade they would have to remake the ocarina of time too though with mask following direct from ocarina
Loli-Nox-Tan 1 year ago
An update in the same vain as OoT 3D
hanzoadam 1 year ago
I've heard the rumours going around I'm hoping its true and that it comes with all the DLC. So 4
jay.hamilton 1 year ago
full blown remake would do me ocarina and mask on one disk, i did like the 3DS version but it wasnt really a full remake or didnt look like one anyway
Lred 1 year ago
Only played 2 and never gave that as much time as I should have (work got in the way). Would love this to come out fairly quickly and play the whole trilogy while awaiting the big next gen RPG releases.
Bindiana 1 year ago
Wonder who searches all the weird countries retail sites trying to pick out new games
PrometheusFan 1 year ago
This one seems to be bullshit, as the website listing it initially has a long history of incorrect listings like this I hear.
Matthew 1 year ago
5 in my opinion, so you can import your save games.

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