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NES Remix 2 Review

Even though many are shouting for new and original games from Nintendo, when they do skim over their back catalogue it usually brings quality to the table. Reaching the far depths of the NES era, Nintendo have yet again breathed life into old titles that on their own may not stand to the test of time but with a few new tricks and some mixing up brings new life into some long forgotten titles.

Starting off with just six titles (there are plenty more that unlock during play) the goal is to tackle very short snippets of gameplay from titles like Kid Icarus and Super Mario Bros 2. The overall presentation is very similar to the Wario Inc. games where you are given a brief instruction and then thrown into the challenge, depending on how well you do earning stars and Bits with the stars gradually unlocking more events whilst the Bits unlock stamps that you can use to personalise messages for the world to see.

As well as the main game challenges there are also mix games in which the classic titles get a little mixed up, sharing their worlds with others like Kirby being invaded by Boo Ghosts from Mario or my favourite, the colour reliant Dr. Mario reverting to original Gameboy graphics, for those watching in monochrome, the red virus is next to the blue one.

The idea of taking snippets of gameplay from these games worked really well on the first MES Remix collection and it is just as good here with highlights coming from Super Mario Bros 3 with challenges like collecting coins in a time limit or just flying in the Tanooki Suit and Punch Out taking you through the classic bouts a few flurries at a time. There are also a few puzzle games to play through like the unbelievably hard Wario's Woods that is even harder to comprehend this time around and Dr. Mario, challenging you to cure viruses in pre created screens, testing you mind and reflexes to their extremities. 

Even with a gentle learning curve, the challenges come quite quickly as you progress; I admit to playing Super Mario Bros 3 on numerous occasions but these challenges really bring something new to the aged game and though almost bewildering at first, the nature of the levels mean that there is little issue with repeat playing, learning what is required and then through parrot fashion shaving off seconds to get the maximum three rainbow stars.

On top of all the mini games you also have the bonus of Super Luigi Bros, an interesting mix of the original Super Mario Bros game however this time you play as the green tall one, running right to left; which is more than a little distracting at first but once you get past that its classic Mario all over again, just a bit greener.

Acting quickly on the popularity of the first title this inevitable sequel is a great idea and is perfect for either bite size quick plays or multi-hour sessions trying to get those more challenging rainbow stars to show off to your friends and the rest of the world.

Words by Ash Buchanan.

(Version Tested: Wii U)


+ Addictive quick play micro games.
+ Ideal for short or long play.
+ Share comments.
+ Loads to unlock.


- A couple of the games are quite forgettable and feel like filler.

Edited On 28 Apr, 2014

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Dead's avatar
Dead 3 years ago
Great game, and there are rumours of future titles in the remix series including SNES or even N64 games.

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