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Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium Girl Review

Following the superb job Atlus did in bringing Etrian Odyssey IV to the 3DS last year they have decided to delve into the back catalogue and have focused their attentions on the very first title, giving it a new kick of 3D paint and a story to boot in Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium Girl.

Having really enjoyed the last 3DS game in the series this title had a lot to live up to and has again managed to at least match the previous title, however in reimagining the first of the series there are a few of the newer elements missing like the more open world travelling in airships, however Atlus have also included a few new interesting ideas to keep this game fresh and worthy of another purchase.

Set in and around the town of Etria, this first person dungeon crawler places you in the shoes of a Highlander, a brave and noble race who have been invited to Etria to help with mapping the unknown lands beyond its walls, though very quickly a deeper story emerges with you releasing a strange girl from a mysterious machine, awakening her and then helping her piece her memories back together whilst at the same time trying to find the source of some earthquakes that threaten the town.

One of the big hooks to this 3D first person dungeon crawler is the use of the bottom screen to utilise your cartography skills, requiring you to plot out routes and secret passages and also note treasures not just for yourself but to also notify of the locals back at Etria for some of the side quests. As you make your way through the dungeons you will come across all manner of monsters that get in your way, all spoiling for a fight however there are a few you need to avoid. Most will appear via invisible assailants with a small alert on the screen going from green to red notifying that an attack will soon occur. The resulting fight is your standard turn based affair, setting up your team for attacks, specials and defence before letting the game take control and then taking your turn again.

The other monsters are a different matter entirely; these FOE’s are always present on the map, patrolling their patch waiting for someone foolish enough to cross their paths. With the FOE’s it is all about learning their patterns and avoiding them at all costs as if they catch up with you it will often end very quickly.

Aside for the new story mode included with this version which adds new characters to join your team the biggest change is the inclusion of Grimoire Stones. These are held on each member of your team who, via the stones can learn new skills at random intervals. As and when these skills are learnt and infused on the stones you can then swap with other characters, in turn adding new special moves to characters that may not normally have them like a warrior class that can use magical healing powers.

Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium Girl is yet again a great dungeon crawler with 3D visuals that burst from the screen and a simple but very effective battle system; turn based RPG fans can’t go wrong with this purchase.

Words by Ash Buchanan.

(Version Tested: 3DS)


+ A decent challenge.
+ Very easy to get into.
+ Great anime 3D visuals.
+ Two game modes, Classic and Story.


None listed.

Edited On 01 May, 2014

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