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The Last of Us to be patched tomorrow

Patch 1.07 for The Last of Us will be rolling out globally over the next 24 hours, bringing a new difficulty level to single player and a whole load of bug fixes.

What to expect is listed below.

Single Player

Grounded Difficulty added for Single Player.

Want a challenge? This mode is for the toughest of the hardcore. Super aggressive AI. Bring your best game or you won’t survive.

Bug Fixes

- Invisibility & Stuck-on-black-screen bug
- Players who have become invisible or are stuck on a black screen (typically when waiting to respawn) will be kicked from the match.
- Players who are kicked will not advance a clan day and suffer any clan losses.
- Fixed a bug that allowed players to exploit supply boxes for extra ammo and 2x4s.
- Fixed a bug that allowed player who was the Last One Standing to get additional comeback items from multiple supply boxes.
- Fixed a bug where the game would sometimes crash when late joining a match.
- Fixed a bug where players on opposite teams who are spawning at the same time would sometimes spawn near each other.
- Fixed a bug where players would sometimes get stuck on a black screen when the host quits out during the match intro.
- Fixed a bug that allowed players to avoid being stunned by a smoke bomb by vaulting over cover.
- Fixed a rare crash that occurred for the player who stayed in a matchmaking game after all other players had quit.
- Fixed a bug that prevented the death grunt VOX from playing when dying.
- Fixed an issue that prevented players from properly shiv killing an enemy who was unlocking the lockbox.
- Fixed an issue that prevented players using an upgraded 2×4 from downing an enemy who was unlocking the lockbox while repeatedly pressing Triangle.
- Corrected the alignment of many intro animation cameras.
- Fixed an issue where players were receiving large weapon ammo when downing an enemy with a melee weapon after changing to a pistol-only loadout.
- Fixed bug where players would sometimes get no ammo from a down/execution when using a pistol-only loadout.
- Fixed a bug where player would hold their large firearm while doing a melee finisher.
- Fixed a crash that occurred when the player would sign out while refreshing the in-game store.
- Fixed an issue where game winning VOX would not play when a game of survivors was won with a shiv kill.
- Fixed an issue where a player’s modded 2×4 attack animation would be canceled if a player vaulted over an object.
- Fixed a bug where the shiv cone wasn’t aligned properly in certain cases, which made it easier to get a shiv from one side than the other.
- The Military Sniper has reduced aim assist.

Edited On 06 May, 2014

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djshaunyb1's avatar
djshaunyb1 3 years ago
Cant wait for the release date for the PS4 version. Allready pre-paid for it here :)
Doom Of Shadow's avatar
Doom Of Shadow 3 years ago
Great game
 TruDarkAssassin's avatar
TruDarkAssassin 3 years ago
Been replaying this over the past few days so will look forward to the new challenge
SonicStrife's avatar
SonicStrife 3 years ago
Hope these updates come ready on the PS4 version. Look forward to getting into the multiplayer again.
Beazi's avatar
Beazi 3 years ago
If I win that competition I might have to buy this again
Anonymous user's avatar
Christian 3 years ago
Such an awesome gaming experience

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