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Call of Duty: Ghosts gets multiplatform title update

Call of Duty: Ghosts developer Infinity Ward has released a multi-format update, the highlight of which is a new game mode known as Reinforce.

Reinfoce allows teams to win the match by killing the other squad, capturing three flags, or gaining control of two objective points. The twist is that there is no respawn on death.

Here’s the patch list:


Improved FFA spawn logic.
Improved TDM/KC/Cranked spawning logic.
Updated Blitz spawn logic for online matches.
Weapon Balance


Reduced headshot multiplier: No longer allow for 1 body, 1 head shot kills.
Max and Min damage range reduced.
Slight increase to kick.


Aim down sight time faster. Now in line with other SMGs.


Max and Min damage range reduced.


Damage reduction always applied when the player is jumping, crouched or prone. Removed IED position check relative to player.
Thermobaric Grenades

Now do 1/2 max health in hardcore modes.

Killstreak Balance

Squad Mate – Reduced Accuracy & Fire Rate. Swapped Weapon to mp443.


Update to DOM to allow 2, 5 minute rounds for eSports playlist, and with eSports mode in Private Match and System Link.


Overall anti-cheat improvements.
Fixed elite clan tag spoofing issue.

Additional Fixes

Fixed an issue where the Tracked Operations and Progressed Operations loadout builder would not properly select items.
Added popup message if a user tries to join on a blocked user from the recently met player list.
Fixed an issue where the New Icons for heads/uniforms/etc would appear in private match.
Fixed new icon to only appear on the “Heads” button when you have new heads of the gender you’re using.
Improvements to map voting.
Fix In Game Store Image Stuttering when moving between images.
Fixes hardcore audio alias for kill confirmed.
Adds proper friendly alias for blitz friendly scoring.
New Features

New Game Mode – Reinforce:

Reinforce is a competitive round based game mode. When a player is killed that player will stay out of the game until someone on his team captures a control point. There are multiple ways to win. Capture and hold 2 control points, wipe out the enemy team, or capture all 3 flags for an instant victory.

Gun Game

Final kill now requires a throwing knife kill.
Players can scavenge throwing knives.


Reduced the usability window of other items when deploying the Riot Shield.
Drill logic improvements.
Grenade Turret adjustments.

Xbox One Specific Update
(In addition to the Title Update)

Fixed issue that allowed access to friends list in offline menus.

PlayStation 4 Specific Update
(In addition to the Title Update)

Fixed the Out of Memory 12 issue.
Fixed issue with 2nd controller being unable to join a different Clan after accepting a Clan invitation.

Edited On 14 May, 2014

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SquareSofty's avatar
SquareSofty 3 years ago
I haven't played Ghosts and probably wont until it's a £5 game. The last COD's I played were MW3 and Black Ops.
Beazi's avatar
Beazi 3 years ago
Still play Black Ops 2, but that's it for COD I would rather jump into Doom 3 although that said online games aren't that common on the BFG edition sadly

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