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GTA V to get High Life Social Club event this weekend

Rockstar has revealed that all this weekend, Friday May 16th through Sunday May 18th, it'll be throwing a High Life Social Club Event Weekend. 

In celebration of this week's High Life Update release, stocked with new apartments, high-end vehicles and weaponry and special new game features - Rockstar's got a slate of weekend-only opportunities to get bonus RP and increased GTA$ payouts plus chances to score rare gear and GTA$ prizes.

Here's the details:


We've upped the ante especially for those who live in Los Santos' fast lane. Money doesn't grow on trees but it does hang from the helpless saps cruising the LS streets and all weekend, High Stakes Impromptu Races will make plucking it from them all the sweeter. Stakes and payouts to Impromptu Races will be doubled so lining up in your Pegassi Zentorno against a mark carries exhilirating big time risk and reward. You can start an Impromptu Race via the Interaction Menu and remember: you've got to accelerate to accumulate.


Put your money where your mouth is. For all high rollers, the Max Bet limit for all Jobs will be raised to GTA$10,000 so you can lay both cash and cajones on the table.


And because even relaxation should come with an attractive rate of return, all golf and tennis RP bonuses will be tripled all weekend. That means a birdie will see you earn 600 RP while a cheeky hole-in-one on the short Hole 6 will put 3000 RP on your scorecard and turn your opponents greener than the fairway.


Look for a windfall of valuable commodities dropping from on high with Event Crate Drops falling from the skies in such locations as the Vinewood Sign, the Observatory, Del Perro Pier, La Fuenta Blanca horse stables and the Vinewood Racetrack. The Crates will be stuffed with huge RP bonuses as well as GTA$ stacks, heavy-duty RPGs, miniguns, sticky bombs and more.


Snap your flashiest shots showing off exactly how you're living the High Life between now and end of day Sunday and tag them #HIGHLIFE for a chance to win big. We're looking for your most epic, most creative, most amusing or most artfully composed moments over the weekend featuring any of the new apartments, luxury vehicles, toasts/celebrations, haute outfits, or weaponry from The High Life Update. We'll pick five (5) favorites to award GTA$1M as well as the exclusive 'HIGHLIFE' in-game vanity license plate to deck out your shiny new ride.

Edited On 15 May, 2014

GTA5 continues to grow at an alarming rate with all these new races and stuff! Really looking forward to seeing what is going to be up next. It's a great game. Anyone been eaten by a shark yet?
Beazi 7 months ago
still playing, not done much of the online so a xp boost for the weekend will help big time
Dark572Assassin 7 months ago
Same here I have been playing through the story mostly. Love Chop the Dog
Beazi 7 months ago
think i had you on my old psn profile mate , if you want to add to my new one its DARK572ASSASSIN if your ever online can join you for some co op
Dark572Assassin 7 months ago
Can do my username is PooleCraig. Bit boring my username lol
Beazi 7 months ago
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