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Vita TV can now stream PS4 games

PlayStation Vita TV is not available in the West yet, which is a shame really because it can now stream PS4 games straight to your big screen.

Imagine being able to play on the upstairs TV while your PS4 is on downstairs? It'd completely negate the need to unplug the power and HDMI cables and carry your system up a few stairs. Instead you just turn on the Vita TV, connect via remote play and away you go.

Vita TV is not available in Europe at this time, did I mention that?

Edited On 16 May, 2014

interesting to see how this does compared to the vita if they decide to release it here
PhilyB 3 months ago
With Ethernet as well it should have less latancy than wireless does on the actual Vita. This thing can't come soon enough!
hero9989 3 months ago
The vita tv can't play games that overly use the touch screen which is a shame but a lot of games are compatible. Including getting your psp and ps1 games up on the big screen. You can take the memory card from your vita (or an alternate card not currently in your vita) pop it in the slot and play the games installed on it. It can stream the ps4 as stated. My bet is that they will announce this at E3 for christmas and virtual reality head set will be shown for sometime next year.
devilmaycare34 3 months ago
I like the idea of being able to play the PS4 in a different room on the big screen.
Zombieflamingo 3 months ago
this is perfect for me, eastenders, corrie, etc soon as they start im off upstairs lol
jay.hamilton 3 months ago
It's a great idea for family and I'm sure this will be needed once my boys grow up some more.
SquareSofty 3 months ago
I already do play in other rooms oh no the little brown demons have come but I do not want to stop playing no problem I can carry on playing on the vita on the bog the wii u is good for this too I also play with my vita in the bath
DarkZentai 3 months ago
I read the first half of that sentence Jay and started getting worried about you ... lmao
Dave 'BubbaJai' Aston 3 months ago
I'm ok though, I have PS3 on network in the other room + a Vita so I don't have to suffer the torture of soapland
Dave 'BubbaJai' Aston 3 months ago
its a good idea and sounds useful but not for me i can go to my man cave with my own set up lol
Dark572Assassin 3 months ago
This sounds really good, it may not be available in the UK yet but you can import it. Hopefully we get news about it coming here at e3
juvan1le 3 months ago
I'm sure this will make it over to Europe soon after E3 as there's certainly a market for it, personally I'd actually use it to play Vita games on the big screen, provided it's reasonably priced of course; perhaps using the PS4 streaming option every now and then.
s.c.g 3 months ago
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