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Jaffe “We know Twisted isn’t a hit in Europe”

Outspoken developer and Eat, Sleep, Play boss, David Jaffe has admitted that Twisted Metal was never a success in Europe, however that’s something his studio plans to change.

Speaking on his blog ahead of a game reveal this week, Jaffe said, “We all know that Twisted has never been as big of a hit in the European territories as it has been in America,” before also adding,”hell, has it even ever been considered a ‘hit’ at all over there? I really don’t think so.”

However with Twisted Metal PS3, Jaffe reckons it gives Eat, Sleep, Play “a shot at substantially increasing the number of Twisted Metal fans all over the world.”

Only time will tell how well the game will do over here, those in the US meanwhile will no doubt he highly anticipating this PS3 exclusive.

Thanks, NowGamer.

Edited On 14 Apr, 2011

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