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Xbox One Games with Gold titles now available

Halo: Spartan Assault and Max: The Curse of Brotherhood have joined Xbox Live Games with Gold. The two titles can be downloaded from the Xbox One LIVE Store now.

Halo: Spartan Assault is a twin-stick shooter, while Max: The Curse of Brotherhood is a platformer.

We guess that both titles will be available for the full month of June, with two new titles replacing them come July.

Do you like the sound of any of these games?

Edited On 04 Jun, 2014

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superniceguy's avatar
superniceguy 2 years ago
June is an awesome month for Xbox gamers. These plus Dark Soul / Charlie Murder / Super Street Fighter Arcade Edition on Xbox 360. These 2 games I intended to buy, but never had time to get to them, due to the many Xbox ONE games taking up my time. No point downloading and buying digital games if you are not ready to play them straight away, unlike retail which comes with preorder bonuses or may go out of stock.
Old Timer's avatar
Old Timer 2 years ago
Just a heads up on these games. If your having problems downloading them, gets to 100% and says "Installation Stopped!" .. it's not just you, loads reporting issues on the Xbox Support Forums and Microsoft are looking into it. Both great little titles in my opinion, especially Max The Curse of the Brotherhood.
Fear Sinséir1612's avatar
Fear Sinséir1612 2 years ago
I was about to buy these, so yeah, great news :)! I guess that means they are yours to keep even if one were to discontinue one's Gold subscription (not that I would, mind!), right? At this rate, I'll gladly extend my XboxLive Gold membership past late August 2014 :) :)!
Dead's avatar
Dead 2 years ago
I though Games for Gold was just a rental service on Xbone.
Old Timer's avatar
Old Timer 2 years ago
I could be wrong but as far as I'm aware if your Xbox LIVE Gold runs out you lose access to any free games.
SquareSofty's avatar
SquareSofty 2 years ago
I already have Halo so just Max for me. Though i'm currently playing Child of Light and UFC demo on X1. Struggling to get into Watch Dogs.
Danny_936's avatar
Danny_936 2 years ago
@Gloria yes it is basically a rental model just like sonys offerings but to be fair its a better model coz microsoft will now start to offer newer titles unlike the old model but its a shame that i already own theses games and im guessing 99% of the free games due out for the xbox one i would have already played or owned with buying about 24 xbox one games now.
Zombieflamingo's avatar
Zombieflamingo 2 years ago
Downloaded Max last night. They changed it to be similar to the PS+ so it is more like a rental like you said Gloria. Also for anyone interested crimson Dragon is also 50% off just now.
burgerman's avatar
burgerman 2 years ago
Thank goodness finally some games I have not previously bought Good first xbox one games
LFC Bywater's avatar
LFC Bywater 2 years ago
Always gunna have a gold membership anyway so sounds good to me
LFC Bywater's avatar
LFC Bywater 2 years ago
Hopefully Ryse next month
Fear Sinséir1612's avatar
Fear Sinséir1612 2 years ago
Like ZF, I just downloaded Max & the gameplay's great. It's so like all the best bits of 'R4ym4n' :)! Looks are pretty good & sounds are good too. So, I'm well pleased :)! Oh well, if you were to lose them if your Live membership expires, then I guess I'll just have to keep extending my membership indefinitely, like LFC said :)! Can't wait to extend my Gold membership through ShopTo if it prices it keenly enough, that is! I can get it for around £25 per annum on eB4y as somebody on Sh0pT0 has stated, so as long as Sh0pT0 can keep it at about that amount, you're assured my business :)!
Anonymous user's avatar
Ryan 2 years ago
Didn't expect them to throw spartan assault out there so quick.

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