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Hypermensional Neptunia PP Review

For all those who aspire to the world of Will.i.am or Pharrell or Timbaland, welcome to the world of Hypermensional Neptunia PP, where you get a chance to try out your producing skills and orchestrate and organise the solo and group careers of digital gods.

Based in the world of Hypermensional Neptunia games, the land of Gamnindustri is split up by four CPU Gods and their respected lands, each vying for the adoration of their followers which in turn keeps them all powerful. Things were going quite well between these four bickering friends until something new for the masses to get caught up in appears out of nowhere, pop music; or to be more specific, MOB48. This collective pop group begin stealing all of the CPU's admirers and turning them into frenzied fans of MOB48 which in turn causes the CPU’s powers to wane so to get their powers back Neptune, Noire, Blanc and Vert decide to play MOB48 at their own game and become pop idols themselves. As their producer you are sucked from the real world and into theirs as an inexperienced producer, ready to help the girls in these troubling times.

Hyperdimensional Neptunia PP is a digital adventure story where you make certain decisions relating to the world of a pop princess with each choice taking up a full day, slowly building a bond of trust, guts to perform and essentially fans by way of attending events, recording records and practising vocals and dance moves. Though each of the daily jobs sound exciting in reality each one is essentially a quick tap of the screen followed by a random event explained to you via text with your idol possibly performing well and earning fans or fluff their lines and get stressed. This X button heavy approach leaves you pretty much out of the loop, playing along to the whim of the game with there being no real feeling of any substantial influence you may have, it all seems to be random luck though there is on occasion reason to input an answer to a predetermined question that may boost your trust levels and also guide the game to the perfect ending but they are few and far between.

The main aim of the game appears to be making sure your stars do not get stressed, be it the stress bar slowly creeping up with every daily activity or them telling you they feel unwell and at those times you can assist by arranging a vacation or even creating a duo or group to ease their spare gaming time which in turn will make them happier.

The real "action" occurs when you put on a concert as being the producer you get final word on what stage to perform on, what the girls wear and also what song to sing. As you progress, more and more items like extra songs, stages and clothing become available to use, leaving you to decide on the best looks and most powerful effects to attract more fans. Once actually on stage you are granted full control of the TV camera and stage tricks, focusing on faces or panning back whilst setting of an explosion of digital butterflies, everything you do is to attract even more fans and send them into a frenzy, listening out for cheers to maximise the effects potential.

Though the idea of Hypermensional Neptunia PP is quite promising as it is an original idea for gamers in this part of the world, the execution is far too repetitive, with you essentially tapping away for hours on end with no real pay-out. What does not help is that it is not clear who this game is aimed at with the humour and content a mix of being a bit childish at times but then littered with far too many referrals to the characters breasts, add to that far too much programming time spent on adding wobble to the girls breasts and the obligatory pant shots; for me it kind of misses the market. Hypermensional Neptunia PP is a game where you grow friendships, dress up a group of girls and help them gain pop-idol status with their fans but then tarnishes it with far too many boob jokes.

An interesting premise spoilt by a bland execution and humour that misses the mark and the target audience, even fans of the Neptunia games may feel a little disappointed with this title.

Words by Ash Buchanan.

(Version Tested: PS Vita)


+ Become a producer and guide a group of girls to pop success


- Inappropriate jokes
- Very repetitive

Edited On 05 Jun, 2014

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Loli-Nox-Tan's avatar
Loli-Nox-Tan 3 years ago
You should change the "obligatory pant shots" obligatory panty shots" Sounds much better. As for the game, I'll pick it up when it goes on deal since I like the character interaction of the Neptunia games. Anyhoo I still have Victory to play so that should give me my Nep-Nep fix

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