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Suda 51's Let it Die is a free to play title

Suda 51's PS4 exclusive, Let It Die, is a free to play title.

The idea behind the game is that players will customise an avatar of their own and then, if your character dies in game, it will appear as a foe in somebody else’s.

Suda therefore says that players should feel that it’s okay to die over and over again, as it contributes to the overall experience.

When you start the game you'll have no clothing or weapons, just a gas mask and will need to defeat enemies in order to gain better equipment. There will be other ways to get equipment, such as by paying for it we imagine.

The game will also allow players to level up, while weapons will have their own abilities too. Currently there is no release date.

Here's the trailer.

Edited On 11 Jun, 2014

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Dead's avatar
Dead 3 years ago
I've just lost interest.
Bindiana's avatar
Bindiana 3 years ago
Yeah my expectations have dropped considerably after reading that news.
Dead's avatar
Dead 3 years ago
Yep, who buys Suda 51 games for the gameplay? It's all about the crazy OTT stories.
da_kerr's avatar
da_kerr 3 years ago
I'll give Suda a fair chance. Admittedly, I agree with Gloria, Suda's game have always been more about the crazy stories and the art style than the gameplay which is sometimes quite an uneven experience. Still, I'm going to cross my fingers and hope it turns out well....that trailer is unbelievably horrid, I hasten to add lol
Baiken_'s avatar
Baiken_ 3 years ago
I hope Suda's other game ''Lily Bergamo'' doesn't meet the same fate.

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