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PlayRoom's Set Maker detailed

Sony's Japan Studio has detailed Set Maker, a brand new DLC for The PlayRoom which lets you turn your living room into a TV studio and broadcast your very own shows.

Using your tablet or smartphone (Android or IOS are both fine) or your PS Vita you can create virtual banners and holographic billboards to decorate your place. You can use images, photos stored on your smart device or draw them from scratch. Your set will then come to life, courtesy of your metallic friend Asobi. Once you’re set, just hit the Share button and get broadcasting.

As well as boards and banners, you can create and wear face masks. Sony will also include some pre-sets.

You'll be able to make use of up to four controllers to add various special effects to the screen, like interactive smoke, lasers and to inflate balloons that you design. There will also be screen and sound effects to customise your set further.

Interestingly you can even use Asobi's holographic text billboards, on which you can write blurbs and play back videos you captured or edited on PS4 with SHAREfactory.

Also, using the “Interact button,” viewers can join in and answer questions you ask them or you can even create polls.

Sounds interesting.

Edited On 12 Jun, 2014

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FemmeFox's avatar
FemmeFox 3 years ago
Just shows that Sony realised fast that people were using Playroom as a presentation centre. It's a lot of fun anyways and I've seen loads of people use it on Twitch for chats and that like.

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