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Thursday Chat: June 19

It's Thursday and a rather slow news week really. E3 has been and gone and this week things have slowed down so much that there's barely anything to talk about.

We did just have E3 though and some games seemed to stick out more than others. So out of the games we did all see, which appealed to you the least? Which games won't you be buying? Which games disappointed you and failed to live up to expectations?

Let's Chat!

Edited On 19 Jun, 2014

Which games won't I be buying? Too many to list really. Nothing disappointed me though, Nintendo didn't give me everything I was expecting or wanted, but it was all good, as for everybody else, I'd have had to be expecting something to be disappointed.
Gloria 10 months ago
COD.. I was disappointed that Wwe wasn't there but I know the reasons now so I let them off.. I'm a little concerned about Creed Unity, the idea is good bit I think it's co-op feature could damage the single player feel you usually get.
SquareSofty 10 months ago
I didn't expect Yoshi and Captain Toad games but I wont be getting them. Smash Bros and Zelda yes
SquareSofty 10 months ago
I must confess, the new CoD left me feeling a bit underwhelmed. It just seemed like a mash-up of Crysis and Titanfall. I think, perhaps, this particular direction might have been better served by either a separate IP or a spin-off of some form. I think most people play CoD for the 'real world' setting, but as it becomes increasingly 'sci fi', it becomes a lot more abstract. So, perhaps they should tone it down a bit, scale it back and make it a more grounded game. The original Modern Warfare felt akin to a Tom Clancy thriller, now the titles feel more like bloated action films with Bay-splosions (copyright of Michael Bay).
da_kerr 10 months ago
I can't say any game disappointed me really, I mean games like FIFA and COD I had no interest in the first place and nothing was shown that changed my mind, again though, nothing disappointing. I agree with Square Softy, little unsure about co-op in Assassins Creed, for me it's all about the single player experience, hopefully it works but more interested in SP than anything else.
Old Timer 10 months ago
A lot of E3 disappointed me the big publishers just played it safe and gave us the same games we played before was hoping with new consoles we would see new types of games. One game that did stand out to me in the microsoft conference was only show briefly was Cupcake Head (I think thats what it was called) The game looked like an old school cartoon and something i hadnt really seen before in a game.
Bindiana 10 months ago
I was kinda disappointed they didn't show us a bit more of Dance Central and that new fitness game during the Ubi conference. I enjoy using motion games and it was a pity to see them kinda pushed aside. I was also sad to see very little mention or support for Vita save for a few ports and a lacking number of big titles. I love my Vita but finding reason to play it is becoming more difficult.
FemmeFox 10 months ago
The lack of a triple AAA game for the vita, or a port of infamous to the vita. I read somewhere recently (think it was ign) that Yoshida said there would be even less first party titles for the vita. Sony are just changing the vita into a PS4 accessory slowly. It's really annoying because they've proved in the past that you can make great games for the vita. Such as: Uncharted Golden Abyss or Killzone Mercenary.
Spear 25 10 months ago
Anyone see the new Namco VIP stuff? They are sold out already
Loli-Nox-Tan 10 months ago
Games I won't be buying? Same as Gloria, too much to list
Loli-Nox-Tan 10 months ago
I probably won't be buying anything from EA (Hardline is a 'maybe' though) or anything on Wii U for obvious reasons(Was anything actually new even announced for Wii U at E3?), though I'll keep an eye on 'Xenoblade X' as it could be good, even with the visual downgrade.
PrometheusFan 10 months ago
Stop pretending you're interested in a Wii U game, you're fooling no-one.
Gloria 10 months ago
Re: Spear 25 on Vita. Yep, you should expect nothing more on Vita from SCEA (Though Grim Fandango was a nice surprise). SCEE and most especially SCEJ will still be making titles for it though. Its still got Soul Sacrifice 2, Gravity Rush 2 and Freedom Wars on the way for the 'bigger' titles in addition to all the obscure Japanese titles coming over and swathe of indies/downloadables. Stuff like Uncharted or Killzone is very very unlikely to happen again on the console though.
PrometheusFan 10 months ago
"Stop pretending you're interested in a Wii U game, you're fooling no-one." - I'm interested in a Monolith game to be specific. The fact it is on Wii U is certainly lamentable, but if anything is likely to get me to purchase it, Xenoblade X is it. Wii Us should be selling for peanuts by the time it comes out as well, so we'll see what happens. I'm not entirely opposed to the idea of buying a Wii U tbh, but neither am I exactly feeling the need to buy one either... yet.
PrometheusFan 10 months ago
The wouldn't touch with a barge pole list. Well that arena game the fighting one with 12 characters, well that looks nicely put pants. I want to give Putty Squad a whirl but everyone else says I shouldn't. I think thats about it really.
Beazi 10 months ago
there was nothing that really dissapointed me but i just wasn't impressed with some things.
JoeToots 10 months ago
So Splatoon wasn't new?
Loli-Nox-Tan 10 months ago
Splatoon is that Mario Sunshine looking thing? Forgot about it. Starfox as well now I think about it.
PrometheusFan 10 months ago
I was looking forward to Sacred 3 at the beginning of August but I was reading about it yesterday and apparently there will be no random loot drops, thats the best thing about those games. Will still give it a try but at least the Diablo expansion is the end of the month.
Zombieflamingo 10 months ago
i won't be buying fifa 15 just cuz i suck at it lol
redtodead 10 months ago
mortal kombat
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