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Outlast lands on Xbox One

The excellent horror adventure title, Outlast, will arrive on Xbox One today.

Outlast sees you explore the Mount Massive Asylum, an abandoned psychiatric hospital which is full of scary surprises. It costs £15.99 in the UK.

In the past Microsoft has insisted in only allowing titles on its platforms that have launch parity with other platforms, however the release of Outlast would suggest that it's starting to relax this rule a little.

Outlast has proven pretty popular on PS4 and PC and already has received an expansion in the form of the 'Whistleblower DLC', which is also coming to Xbox One.

You can read our review of Outlast here

Edited On 19 Jun, 2014

Excellent news for Xbox One owners. This game just oozes atmosphere and has some genuine frights too. It's also good that MS is finally easing its policies in regard to simultaneous releases, because I think their previous approach was remarkably punitive to indie developers.
da_kerr 1 month ago
I thought that the parity crap was done with after E3, but apparently it is still very much in effect according to some indie devs who are still being given the brush off by Microsoft. Seems they are simply 'making exceptions' on a case by case basis for which games they will allow to bypass the clause... all exceptions so far (by sheer coincidence I'm sure) have been for games that have been successful beforehand on other platforms and/or are coming from the more established indie developers. Basically all the parity clause exists for now is to strongarm lesser known indie devs who don't have a real position of strength to negotiate from into giving Xbox preferential treatment, even if it means they have to delay their game in order to do so (And this has happened a few times already). Disgraceful business practices aside though, Outlast is a truly superb game. Best survival horror since Silent Hill 3 imo.
PrometheusFan 1 month ago
Well, there was me naively hoping that Microsoft might be learning from their mistakes. Their attitude is only going to help stifle innovation and place additional pressures on small studios :( As for the game itself, I am in robust agreement with you. It really is an excellent example of how to do horror properly. Have you tried it with headphones? Make an already creepy game downright terrifying lol.
da_kerr 1 month ago
Played it with my surround sound set up on (Next best thing to headphones I guess). Not something I'd repeat in a hurry. Shot my nerves to shit by the end :)
PrometheusFan 1 month ago
Always figured you for a big pussy kevin.
Gloria 1 month ago
Would like to give this a go. But seeing as its only XBone, then that pretty much counts me out :(
Beazi 1 month ago
It's on PS4 and PC too.
Gloria 1 month ago
I did not like it on the PS4 but its good other people get the chance to play it.
Zombieflamingo 1 month ago
Seriously this game is so atmospheric that I couldn't finish it, no lie it kept constantly freaking me out. This is a must play for those who love survival horrors.
ShoryukenToTheChin 1 month ago
this is a defo buy watched it soooooo much on twitch
redtodead 1 month ago
This would be scary as fook wearing my turtle beachs, tempted to give it a go
LFC Bywater 1 month ago
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