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System changes: What would you like to see?

Both Sony and Microsoft have websites in which they are users for ideas to help improve their systems.

PS Blog Share from PlayStation allows users to submit ideas for future firmware updates, they best of which are then implemented into the system(s) at a future date if possible.

Microsoft has also started a similar service which performs the same role.

It's great to see both companies take user feed back to heart and try to provide the most wanted changes.

So with that in mind. What changes would you like to see to any of the systems, be it PS4, Xbox One, Wii U, PS Vita or 3DS? Do you think that there are any glaring omissions that need addressed. Do you have a fantastic idea that would improve any of the systems (if so make sure you tell us and also submit it to the relevant site above).

Let us know what you would like to see implemented.

Edited On 23 Jun, 2014

( 17 )
LFC Bywater's avatar
LFC Bywater 3 years ago
The friend notification still doesn't work amazingly on the xbox one compared to the 360, and i haven't tried party chat in a while so unsure if that's been sorted. Other than that I'm pretty happy
Dave 'BubbaJai' Aston's avatar
Dave 'BubbaJai' Aston 3 years ago
MP3/DLNA support and home screen customisation for PS4. Otherwise, I'm not overly concerned
jay.hamilton's avatar
jay.hamilton 3 years ago
SquareSofty's avatar
SquareSofty 3 years ago
For cheevos and active downloads to be available through the start/menu button.
Loli-Nox-Tan's avatar
Loli-Nox-Tan 3 years ago
Wii U: Anti-Aliasing for Wii games. PS4: The ability to stream your PS3 game for free (or for £1) when the PS4 detects your PS3 disk
Loli-Nox-Tan's avatar
Loli-Nox-Tan 3 years ago
Oh & the ability to add your own borders to cover up the black bars when playing Virtual console games on Wii U or 3DS. Smiler to what the Gameboy player did
LFC Bywater's avatar
LFC Bywater 3 years ago
Backwards compatibility would be awesome for the xb1, but cant see it happening any time soon
FemmeFox's avatar
FemmeFox 3 years ago
I would like to see the Vita be capable of streaming to my TV personally. I know this won't happen because of PS TV coming out, but I really liked being able to stream my PSP games online and watch it on my TV. Wipeout deserved a bigger screen. PS4 needs a Folder setting. I like to keep my Apps in one folder, demos/trials/betas in another and then a folder dedicated to full games too. I wouldn't mind more voice commands either.
da_kerr's avatar
da_kerr 3 years ago
Agree with most of the points FemmeFox makes, I'd also love to see DLNA/MP3/MP4 support. The PS4 UI does need some streamlining. My list of apps is starting to look sorely cluttered. The friends interface could also do with a bit of work to make it feel a bit more simple and intuitive. I'm also for more voice commands, I yearn for the day when it has MP3 support and I can say "Playstation, drop me a beat!" or maybe something that makes me sound slightly less ridiculous :D
Pyroloveridge's avatar
Pyroloveridge 3 years ago
Definitely customisation, and no adverts for subscribers.
Old Timer's avatar
Old Timer 3 years ago
Maybe I'm easily pleased but I'm happy with both XB1/PS4 as they are now. No concerns but for me a console is for games and as long as they keep coming I'm happy :)
redtodead's avatar
redtodead 3 years ago
i dunno about anyone else but i miss my avatar on xbox one
Beazi's avatar
Beazi 3 years ago
Backwards Compatibility would be absolutely awesome! I don't want to have to keep my old creaking consoles knowing once they kick the bucket I can't use them anymore. Otherwise I can't think of anything else
Zombieflamingo's avatar
Zombieflamingo 3 years ago
I would like to be able to change backgrounds. also folders for your games would be nice as well.
Gamer90's avatar
Gamer90 3 years ago
For the PS Vita, the ability to play on multiple accounts without having to factory reset the Vita everytime. As for the 3DS, Nintendo really need to fix their digital distribution model because it's just silly that games are tied to a single system rather than an account. I've yet to buy a next gen console but I'm glad they're facilitating feedback.
Spear 25's avatar
Spear 25 3 years ago
Backwards compatibility would be a great update. A notification when friends come online would be useful to. Perhaps some people would find it annoying but if they made it an optional setting would be ok.
Anonymous user's avatar
Steven 3 years ago
Other than the obvious backwards compatibility (which lets face it isn't ever going to happen with the PS4's planned streaming service for PS3 titles) I'd just like to be able to change my user name (PSNID) and the option to put all games etc. in folders like I could on PS3.

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