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Capcom and Nintendo come to Monster Hunter 4 agreement

Nintendo and Capcom have today confirmed that they have entered into a new distribution agreement for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate that is scheduled for release across Europe on Nintendo 3DS and 2DS systems in early 2015. Under the terms of the agreement Nintendo will be responsible for the sales, marketing, PR and distribution of the games throughout European territories and Australia, with Capcom remaining as publisher.

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate sees players take on the role of a hunter that joins up with a travelling caravan to explore new lands and towns along the way. This adventure will include hundreds of quests to take on a variety of extraordinary creatures that yield valuable resources used for weapons and equipment. Also, for the first time ever for the Monster Hunter series on a handheld system, players will be able to join up with three friends over the internet via the Nintendo Network, as well as the previously available local wireless option.

Nintendo 3DS and 2DS in early 2015. You can pre-order below.

Edited On 02 Jul, 2014

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Zombieflamingo 1 year ago
They are taking there time with it, would still prefer a wii U version or other console version though.
Hymeleon 1 year ago
Would prefer Vita version. Why they stick with Nintendo is beyond me. This game can be so much better - actually perfect - with Vita resources & screen...
Pyro Stick 1 year ago
real shame this isnt coming to the vita. it would really help it out
Gloria 1 year ago
Don't think it would help the Vita, even Sony have given up on it now.
Zombieflamingo 1 year ago
Was the reason they moved to Nintendo not because Sony screwed them over with not releasing a version of it after they had translated it?
Zombieflamingo 1 year ago
Also like Gloria said when the makers give up on their own console there really is no point.
PrometheusFan 1 year ago
"Was the reason they moved to Nintendo not because Sony screwed them over with not releasing a version of it after they had translated it?" - Nope. Capcom slapped one of the MH Portable titles onto PS3 with the barest minimum of effort made (Upscaled visuals and online and that's it, they wouldn't even bother adding trophy support, despite that being a mandated feature.) and released it on Blu-Ray in Japan. They wanted to release the same product in the West, but SCEA refused unless they complied with the mandates(Trophy support, can't release PSP/PS2 ports on PS3 unless there are at least 2 games on the disc so it can be classed as a collection). Capcom wouldn't comply obviously.
PrometheusFan 1 year ago
Also, Sony haven't "given up" on the Vita. Shuhei Yoshida called bullshit on the interview that painted that picture and reaffirmed their support for it, claiming they've got lots of new titles on the way for it. I was surprised by this as well after what he supposedly said last time, but good to hear all the same.
Zombieflamingo 1 year ago
So it was the opposite way around and capcom being awkward then. That's good about the vita then as I do want more games on it the only two coming out that I know of are the new tales game and freedom wars. Will probably get disgaea 4 as well but no rush for that.
Lewis 12 months ago
I really would prefer a console version because I don't want to play a game like this on such a small screen.
Stormborn Daenerys 12 months ago
I love Monster Hunter, but I do wish I wasn't restricted to playing it on a small hand held. It's the type of game I would just love to play on a big screen and online with other people.
Gloria 12 months ago
Bring on the 3DS player for Wii U ;)

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