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EA charging for demos on Xbox One due to system error

Update: As expected, we are hearing that this is a bug which is currently affecting all RA title. Apparently the UFC demo is listed for £99.99. Also, on the PSN Store the demos are all listed for free, backing up our theory that this is all due to a bug.

If anything changes and this doesn't rectify itself then we'll let you know.

On this subject, would you be happy to pay a fee for a demo?

Original: The demos for both EA Sports UFC and FIFA 14 are listed as $4.99 on the Xbox One.

We have checked ourselves and see that both are also listed in the UK store for £3.99. As you'd expect, we are presuming that this is some sort of mistake, but if not then perhaps it marks the start of a worrying new trend - charging for demos?

Edited On 04 Jul, 2014

Not surprised in the slightest.
Gloria 9 months ago
I always had a bad feeling about EA and Microsoft getting in bed together at the start of this generation but didnt expect them to charge for demos!
Bindiana 9 months ago
Pay for a demo? No. Although it's interesting. I read a study a few years ago which came to the conclusion that demos actually reduced the sale of the game, with them turning away the undecided who would otherwise have taken the plunge.
Kaysar 9 months ago
They might be saying it's a bug, but we all know EA wouldn't complain if people actually paid for it.
Lewis 9 months ago
I imagine this is an error as you say but no way in hell would I ever pay for a demo. Well... I guess I did pay for that Dissidia prologus which was basically a demo... But that was different! I guess it depends on how it's managed. If it's just a flat out demo then no. If it's done in a similar light as Dissidia 012 however then yeah I'd consider it. It was extremely cheap, had its own (small) set of content and gave some little perks for the retail release. I enjoyed it.
Falcus 9 months ago
Well people already payed £20 for a Metal Gear 5 demo though its good to see its a mistake.
Zombieflamingo 9 months ago
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