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Killzone Shadow Fall gets new patch

Guerrilla Games have released a new patch for Killzone Shadow Fall.

The patch focuses on a few fixes and improvements to the game and the newly added co-op mode. 

Here are the details.

Killzone Shadow Fall Patch Notes

Fix 180 degree spawn camera:
In MP when you spawn you won't be facing the opposite direction of which the camera was facing.

Added a message on spawn in co-op:
A special message will appear when you are incapacitated which will make it more clear that if you choose to spawn you will need to pay or wait for a revive.

Tier icons now unlock correctly:
It is now easier to see which guns you are able to unlock.

Flow of end of round:
The flow of the end of the round is now much smoother.

Fixed several bugs:
Patch 1.30 fixes several minor bugs related to Intercept and multiplayer.

What do you think? Are you still playing Shadow Fall?

Edited On 04 Jul, 2014

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