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Sniper Elite 3 Review

The Sniper Elite games have always been enjoyable games; not ground breaking or must have purchases but generally good games that were good enough to spawn a few sequels and for the third outing it manages to yet again prove that a game does not need to be AAA to be worthy of your time.

With Sniper Elite 3 we yet again get behind the crosshairs of an American crack shot sent beyond enemy lines to trace an all new Nazi evil. Though the story has been done a thousand times before, the location is refreshingly different for this era of warfare as it is set in North Africa. These new settings allow for a new approach to the gameplay, opening the maps up quite a bit and adding a lot more freedom. This not only gives you more movement and chances to use your sneaking skills but also creates plenty of extras along the way.

The majority of the game is a third person action game, sneaking around and finding the best place and right time to fire, dodging the enemy’s line of sight before they spot you, though you have plenty of backup weapons and equipment if things get a little noisy. Your rifle is the mainstay with you able to use the various zooming functions to spot and target enemies that are mere specs on the screen. With upgrades and new rifles unlocking as you progress most of the time the differences are more down to the general specs or zoom capabilities as in the end even with all of these functions, lining up your killer shot is relatively easy, with a shoulder button used to hold your breath and steady your aim it also brings up a handy reticule showing exactly where the bullet lands. Whilst in snipe mode you also need to be weary of your breathing and heart rate, as the longer you are in a shooting position, the harder it will be to make a successful shot. On the medium difficulty settings there are plenty of assists to make the shots easier, however as you move up the difficulties there are more and more effects added to take into consideration like wind speeds and distance.

The action itself is focused heavily of being quiet and unseen, with the game offering plenty of hiding spots, sniper perches and open fields to plot your attacks. No mission has a set way to complete it other than its required mission brief, all else is up to you, using your knife and sneaking skills to take out unwary Nazi soldiers, watching enemy patterns and slipping through the ranks unseen, sabotaging equipment for it to make noise to mask your sniper fire or you can go loud, using well placed explosives like sticks of dynamite or your handy fall back light machine gun if it goes horribly wrong. To keep these huge levels interesting along with lots of Nazis to shoot there are lots of collectables, weapon parts and side missions to locate, which usually pop up when in their proximity, a great encouragement to make you move around the map and not just focus on the main mission at hand.

With eight missions to play through, though it does not sound much these are huge with an ever evolving mission that breaks the levels into different parts, one moment it is infiltrating a ruined castle, the next taking out a guard for vital intel through to offering covering fire for a prisoner of war; the game keeps the levels long and interesting throughout.

Multiplayer has a few options to hand, one being co-op play for the main missions, a survivor mode or a mode where one plays as the spotter whilst the other is shooting. The main online experience sadly is a little bit of a mess at the moment with far too many disconnects (forums confirm a widely reported issue) but when it does work the games available are enjoyable including usual deathmatch and team deathmatch but my favourite being Distance King, where it is the range of each kill that is tallied up rather than the total number of kills. Your weapons and experience from single player are brought over so some time alone may reap better weapons to take to the field. Just like the main missions the maps in multiplayer are huge, offering plenty of sniper positions and rather surprisingly it is not a total camp fest thanks to well created maps plus the tell-tale lens flare from scopes and binoculars giving positions away and keeping the action constantly moving.

Overall the presentation of Sniper Elite 3 is of a high standard, with expansive world's to explore and sneak around, some great audio effects and of course the return of the gruesome sniper shot. When you make the perfect shot the game action will slow down, with the camera first slowing down as it follows the trajectory of the bullet and then time almost stands still as you witness in graphic detail thanks to a x-ray cutaway view the bullet tear through whatever body part gets in the way, exploding with visceral precision. Being an early PS4 title and not having the production costs of some bigger titles it still manages to hold up and is a distinct improvement over the last generation.

Sniper Elite 3 is a solid release from Rebellion, taking the best sniper action from every other first person shooter and moulding it into an enjoyable experience.

Words by Ash Buchanan.

(Version Tested: PS4)


+ Gruesome kill cam
+ Huge levels to explore


- Graphics can glitch at times
- Online is a mess at the moment

Edited On 07 Jul, 2014

( 4 )
JoeToots's avatar
JoeToots 3 years ago
i like the game but i feel the missions just drag at time!
jay.hamilton's avatar
jay.hamilton 3 years ago
I noticed that, to ghost the missions it takes on average 4 hours as you need to be patient as feck
ade0410's avatar
ade0410 3 years ago
Absolutely love this game (got on Xbox One). Completed it once and go back over the missions to get all the collectibles. Finding the right place with covering noise you can pretty much take out the vast majority of the enemy without them even knowing. The kill cam never gets boring!
Danny_936's avatar
Danny_936 3 years ago
this game was quite good but the entire time i played it i just felt like sniper elite V2 was better, i managed to get 1140/1200gs and all for £5-£6 after i sold it on ebay.

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