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Tomodachi Island: Day 2 Diary

If day one on Magnapop Island was all about housekeeping and getting the basics down, day two was full on at hectic pace with new items constantly opening up with every interaction I had with my Mii’s. As I upped the population by using a few QR scans and tending to the newcomers basic décor, clothing and food needs, Mii News constantly updated me with new areas opening on the island. A new hat store, a pawn shop appears, allowing me to purchase and sell off unwanted items. There is also a rankings board that shows your Mii’s vitality and popularity ranking. When connected online an import clothes opens that supplies me with special goods, plus there is also a plane that sends me off to the social media section, Nintendo 3DS Image Share where the game launches an internet page that links your selected photos to Twitter, Facebook and though not functioning as yet, Tumblr. With such a small island it is alarming just how much of the content is thrown at you at such an early stage, how can this game keep up?

Back at the apartments and my relationship with the Mii’s is growing, occasionally asking me for opinions or to play a quick micro mini-game, be it wrestling or guess the shadow, each time levelling up the Mii which grants more opportunities to customise them further with slogans and catchphrases or even learn some songs. This so far has been the most interesting development on the island with a concert hall opening that allows for my Mii’s to take to the stage as a solo artists or if your Mii’s know the same song they can perform as a group, with Magnapop and Sherlock forming The Greta's; a pop duo who are currently getting some practice in, either using the song lyrics or adding a few lines of my own, it’s a bit silly but fun to watch.

A steady flow continues to unlock, more gifts from the Mii’s and even more locations on the island with a photo studio, park, café and an amusement park that hosts magic shows, a market and Tomodachi Quest, a basic Final Fantasy style turn based RPG having you fight against a strange selection of enemies.

So far the whole Mii life simulation flows quite well with the Mii’s generally just getting on with their own thing and asking for help now and then for the more basic stuff like if they should follow up on a crush they have with another resident. Magnapop even opens up a wishing well where once a day residents will donate some cash towards Magnapop Island. What is clear on this second day is that the game is really made for short bursts with most interactions being done and dusted within a short 20 minutes though there are plenty of items to lure me back with many of the locations having time specific events.

Again at night time all of the residents return to the apartment block, some still wired from the day and are loitering around the house, waiting for a problem to be solved, others fast asleep, letting you visit their rooms and also having a look at their dreams, weird stuff.

Words by Ash Buchanan.

Edited On 08 Jul, 2014

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Kaysar's avatar
Kaysar 2 years ago
Definitely agree with you about the short bursts. I find I play it at lunch at work, when home, and then once or twice more before bed (about 7pm (for the news) and about 10pm). I did wonder what else there would be to do once everything is unlocked, but it has so far been different every time I've played it.
Dead's avatar
Dead 2 years ago
Yep, it's great when you've got a bit of spare time here or there. I was worried it would get dull once all the activities are opened up, but there's enough variations on a theme and the differing characters of the islanders keep it fresh, plus there's a seemingly never ending supply of content to unlock.
Bindiana's avatar
Bindiana 2 years ago
I think I am gonna scan some QR codes in tonight for miis like darth Vader and Batman.
Dead's avatar
Dead 2 years ago
There's some mental Miis out there with QR codes. http://www.portablegaming.de/attachments/sonstiges-nintendo-3ds/26564d1301745487-its-mii-mii-qr-code-thread-bildschirmfoto-2011-04-02-um-13.56.34.png

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