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Sony considering early access style program for PlayStation

Sony is said to be considering an Early Access style feature for its consoles.

When asked about the idea of such a program at E3, SCEA's vice president of developer relations Adam Boyes told Gamasutra that Sony have been talking about it.

"That's one of the massive conversations we have internally.

"At what point does [a game meet standards of release]?" he pondered. "We still at some point ensure that we're being mindful of the consumer. We don't want somebody to stumble across that title and expect a full product, and have a negative experience."

"There are different types of people. There [are] people who always back games, enjoy Kickstarters, try things that they know aren't finished but are willing to help make better," Boyes explained. "I remember playing Rust and laughing hysterically. And there were some things that weren't finished, but I had a ton of fun."

In this respect, Boyed was asked when should games be allowed on the marketplace? At what point are they far enough along in development that they would be given the go-ahead to release by Sony.

"We're working through that right now," said Boyes. "We're figuring out what's okay. We obviously have our tech requirement checklist that people have to adhere to. So we're internally discussing, 'what does that list look like this? What are the caveats?' Stuff like this. So it's still a project that a lot of minds are considering. No details yet, but it's something on the top of my mind every day."

Is Early Access something that you'd like to see Sony offer? Let us know below.

Edited On 14 Jul, 2014

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inspector 74's avatar
inspector 74 3 years ago
Would of loved this for Alien : Coloniel Marines just imagine no one would have actually ever considered even buying it and Randy Pitchfork would struggle to make another game ; ) x
PrometheusFan's avatar
PrometheusFan 3 years ago
Would make sense given how successful the Destiny early access was.

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