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Destiny beta details leak

Details on the Destiny beta have leaked, revealing that it will include four story chapters, four multiplayer maps and a co-operative Strike mission.

Over on Reddit, one users screen grab even suggests that the beta itself will weigh in at 12.63GB on Xbox One.

Are you excited for the beta? It kicks off later this week on the 17th on PS4 and PS3, with the other versions to follow a few days later on July 24.

You can pre-order below and get access to the beta.

Edited On 14 Jul, 2014

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inspector 74's avatar
inspector 74 3 years ago
Cough!!! Blurcgh!!! Euuuurcgh!!!! I c- c- c-can't b-b-breath for a-all the p-p-pointless destiny, bungie activison bullplop being rammed down my throat at the moment eurch!!! Im just getting over a chest infection, look youve got my pre order I dont give 5h1t one about your carefully timed leaks or your 100 quid steelbook activisions gonna shaft u coz u all love it editions!!! Can we please move on, the games not even out for another 2 months I, I havent even stuck it in my console and im already beyond utterly bored with it.
Kaysar's avatar
Kaysar 3 years ago
Meh, there's not much gaming news at the moment and this game is probably the biggest of the year (for next (shouldn't that be current?) gen). Not only that, a Beta is to be opened on Friday. Not surprising most of the news is surrounding it, a lot of people are interested in it.
Doom Of Shadow's avatar
Doom Of Shadow 3 years ago
The size for the beta on PS4 is 15GB.

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