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Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty to include bonus content

Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty will include new content is you are a PlayStation Plus member and purchase the game within two weeks of its release.

The content includes, Alf’s Escape, “an all-new area of RuptureFarms containing brand new puzzles and fiendish hazards that’ll ensure a fresh challenge for even the most seasoned Oddworld fans, as well as specially recorded dialogue”. 

In this mode, players are charged with sneaking the Abe’s Exoddus character out of the factory. It'll include a dedicated PSN leaderboard and will arrive soon after release.

Another piece of extra content, is the Scrub Abe DLC costume for Abe, which arrives on release day.

Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty arrives in PS4 on July 23 in Europe. It supports cross-buy with Vita and PS3 and costs just £18.

Edited On 15 Jul, 2014

Hopefully the DLC won't be exclusive.
Gloria 10 months ago
£18 is a bit too much tbh
Loli-Nox-Tan 10 months ago
Why isn't this game going out on Microsoft and Nintendo platforms?
Danny_936 10 months ago
I heard that it is? I could be wrong though
LFC Bywater 10 months ago
It will be on Xbox eventually as they have only recently started working on it due to Microsoft saying they wouldnt let you self publish on the one.
Bindiana 10 months ago
oh ok well when ever its available for Xbox one ill buy it as it looks like a decent/fun game to play and out of a handful of indie games i have played a few of them have been really good and surprisingly decent.
Danny_936 10 months ago
I loved the one on ps1, that alone will make me buy this
LFC Bywater 10 months ago
I got the Oddbox for about £7 a few years back so I'm fine with that. Will buy it on WiiU when it drops price
Loli-Nox-Tan 10 months ago
The Oddboxx is still available for £6.99, which has all 4 games. Strangers Wrath is £6.99 too, but on same page you get all four games for £6.99, so unless you already have the 3 other games, then buying Strangers Wrath on its own is pointless. I will be getting this next week on PS4, I may get it on Xbox ONE too for achievements. They said if this sells well then they will release the other games. This has already dropped price, it was going to be on sale for £20
superniceguy 10 months ago
mortal kombat
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