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FIFA 15 video gets intensly emotional

EA has released a new video for FIFA 15 in which it talks about player and fan emotion.

Players will confront those who hound them during the match, while teammates will swamped by teammates should they score a last minute goal.

Crowds are also more realistic, being distinguished by cheers and chants, while commentators will also pick up on fan behaviour.

Check out the video and pre-order below.

Edited On 18 Jul, 2014

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LFC Bywater's avatar
LFC Bywater 2 years ago
Nice little additions but nothing ground breaking, Still buzzing for it though
beeje13's avatar
beeje13 2 years ago
Lots of little improvements as usual, but you'd notice if they weren't there. Hopefully career mode will be much better than in '14.
Anonymous user's avatar
Ashley 2 years ago
@ beeje13, i doubt it, they're making way too much money from all the ultimate team garbage so they'll most likely focus on that and just churn out the exact same career as last year. Shame really as i only play single player career. I get too competitive and honestly im a sore loser so i don't play it online.

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