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Titanfall gets in-game currenncy

Respawn Entertainment has added a new 'Black Market' feature to Titanfall, allowing players to purchase Burn Cards and Titan Insignias using in-game credits. 

You can earn credits are earned by playing and winning matches, by selling unwanted Burn Cards or by just playing everyday. Fear not though, there are no micro-transactions to buy credits.

"The Black Market introduces a set of Titan Insignias that are themed as the official insignias of elite units on both the IMC and Militia," explains designer David Shaver. "Once you unlock them in the Black Market, they will be available with the rest of your Titan Insignias in the Titan Custom Loadout screens.

"The primary goal of Burn Card packs is to give you more choice in the kinds of Burn Cards you get and to fit different play styles. The Cards you get are random, but you get a set of Cards you know you will enjoy using."

The Black Market is only available to players at level 11 and higher, once the Burn Cards menu is unlocked. 

"The Black Market does not use micro transactions, the only way to get Credits is by playing the game."

Does this please you? Indeed, are any of you still playing? Let us know.

Edited On 24 Jul, 2014

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