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Elite Dangerous Beta now only £50

The Elite Dangerous Beta is now accessible to everyone, if you have £50 to spare.

If was previously possible to access the game, although you had to fork out a small fortune for the privilege. Now though, it costs just £50 and that also gets you a copy of the game when it is released, so not too bad if you want early access and to see the improvements over the early access version, which includes the number of star systems having been increased by a factor of ten to 55 and the map now consists of a 38,000 cubic light-year volume.

“The greater volume of Beta 1 space has an increased variety of celestial bodies, trading economies and star ports, and plays host to a large number of additional features and enhancements which together provide a richer gameplay experience over the whole expanded volume of space,” Frontier Developments wrote.

Edited On 31 Jul, 2014

If I was a PC gamer I'd definitely go for that.
Gloria 4 months ago
same here, looks awesome
jay.hamilton 4 months ago
Wonder if it still plays the Blue Danube when you dock ;)
Gloria 4 months ago
Anyone know if you can use a gamepad? I can't stand playing games like this with keyboard and mouse.
Joe Anderson (Editor) 4 months ago
360 controller works apparently, seems the preferred method is a proper joystick though.
Gloria 4 months ago
I'd say the real question is, this or star citizen?
Im Going Space 4 months ago
Paying to be in a beta, really? get fudged!
Danny_936 4 months ago
It's more of a pre-order with beta access, sure plenty of people paid £50 for that with Destiny before they opened up the beta.
Gloria 4 months ago
i never thought of it like that
Danny_936 4 months ago
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