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Missing the Destiny beta? Here's over an hour of the beta soundtrack

Still suffering from DWS - (Destiny withdrawal symptoms)? Well, the DestinyLive YouTube channel might be able to ease your pain. 

How about an hour and nine minutes of the beta's soundtrack for your Tuesday morning? It's an unofficial YouTube video and remains up at the time of writing, so be quick!


00:00 The Restoration 03:53 The Dark Within 08:29 The Warmind 10:38 The Last Array 15:34 Deactivating The Mesh 20:08 Sepiks Prime 23:00 Temple of Crota 27:06 Main Menu 1 29:30 Main Menu 2 30:53 Main Menu 3 32:34 Main Menu 4 34:30 Main Menu 5 37:02 Main Menu 6 38:36 Main Menu 7 43:43 Main Menu 8 45:53 Destination 48:40 Orbit 1 49:14 Orbit 2 50:43 Orbit 3 51:40 Orbit 4 53:32 Orbit 5 55:37 Orbit 6 57:00 Orbit 7 58:35 Explore 1 01:00:41 Explore 2 01:03:49 Ocean of Storms 01:06:01 Explore Drums (Bonus) 01:08:26 Drums (Bonus)

Have you got your Destiny preorder sorted? 

Edited On 05 Aug, 2014

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jay.hamilton's avatar
jay.hamilton 2 years ago
haha, that's shameful Colin, Destiny Withdrawal Syndrome, stealing daves ideas lol, but yes I am as a matter of fact, wish September would hurry up
cthragyaska's avatar
cthragyaska 2 years ago
Same here Jay :) Not only is the story intriguing but the little moments were great too (standing in a circle of about 10 at the tower all dancing away had me actually laughing out loud) :) Can't wait!
LAA's avatar
LAA 2 years ago
Can't believe how bad ShopTo has been for pricing lately, at least espicially on next gen games. Destiny LE : £92 here (£88 IF You're gold) Amazon : £74.99 (£80 again now, but £75 for me now) Its literally a £15-20 difference, its not nearly good enough. I expect this pricing from Game, not ShopTo. Shame cause I love buying most games from ShopTo, but finding I have to switch between retailers/websites lately.

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