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Mario Kart 8 Tournament - Winners *attention*

Update: 3: We have heard from most of you but are still awaiting three winners to get back to us. We have updated this story on numerous occasions and emailed the winners, however three people are still to contact us. This is your last update.

Please can you contact us by Friday so that we may finalise the prizes and get them sent to the winners. If we do not hear from you by Friday you may lose out on your prize, so please do you best to contact us before then if you haven't done so already.


Update 2: We have contacted as many of the winners as we can. If you are in the top 10 and have not contacted us, please do so.

Update: Winners please see below.

Original: I've been on holiday so the winner of the Mario Kart 8 tournament had to wait, sorry about that. But I'm back now, so let's tell you who the winners are.

Unfortunately there's some problems with matching Wii U names your ShopTo id's as it looks like we can only see some of the winners Wii U display names, rather than Nintendo ID's. This means that we are unable to verify some of the winners and therefore unable to send prizes for these people.

If you are a winner and not listed below then we'll need you to email us photographic proof of your Nintendo ID and Wii U display name, along with your ShopTo ID as unfortunately this is the only way we'll be able to verify your details with Nintendo and get your prize sent to you.

You can contact us at with your photo and details.

Here are the winners which we have been able to verify so far (please contact us - | subject: I'm a winner)

1)   Jellyape - Jon
2)   JD - JD
4)   Lostmario - ADAM
5)   Stacy1199 - Stacy
6)   Werey - Martin
7)   Sam - Sam
8)   NW18 - NathanW18
9)   chrisjken - Andrew
10) The Mole - Jack

Congrats to Jon (Jellyape) who wins the trophy and congrats to everyone else who'll get a Nintendo first party title of their choice. 

Claim your prize

What we need you to do now is contact us at with your ShopTo account number and if you have won a game, the name of the 1st party title you'd like as your prize. 

As for the unverified winners, please contact us as soon as possible so that we may verify you as a winner.

Edited On 13 Aug, 2014

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Joe Anderson (Editor)'s avatar
Joe Anderson (Editor) 1 year ago
If you are a winner in the top ten, please email me ( your account code along with your Nintendo ID and choice of game. If you are not listed but are a winner i.e no.3 - send me proof of your id and your shopto account code.
J-D's avatar
J-D 1 year ago
what game did everyone pick? i choose super mario 3d world because i doubt shopto would let me pick the 2ds mario limited edition.
Joe Anderson (Editor)'s avatar
Joe Anderson (Editor) 1 year ago
I only have two emails so far. Waiting on the other 8 before I can send details off to Nintendo (they are sending the prize, not us I believe).
J-D's avatar
J-D 1 year ago
is there a certain date that the others need to send their e-mails for?
Anonymous user's avatar
ADAM 1 year ago
Just sent you an email.
Anonymous user's avatar
Andrew 1 year ago
e-mail sent!
Anonymous user's avatar
Martin 1 year ago
Email sent
Anonymous user's avatar
Sam 1 year ago
Email sent! :)
Kaysar's avatar
Kaysar 1 year ago
If the winners don't want their prizes, I know a lil' guy called Kaysar who would gladly accept them on their behalf :P
NathanW18's avatar
NathanW18 1 year ago
Hmm, it's a little annoying that people are holding this up. It takes one minute to send a reply.
Anonymous user's avatar
Jack 1 year ago
I've sent my email :)
Anonymous user's avatar
Sam 1 year ago
Hi, Joe, just wanted to make sure that you got my email? Sent one 2 days ago to the email address given. :)
Anonymous user's avatar
Jon 1 year ago
I emailed on Wednesday and again today just to make sure. :)
Anonymous user's avatar
Andrew 11 months ago
Has anyone received their prize yet? I've contacted shopto a few times but had no luck :/

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