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Surgeon Simulator: Anniversary Edition hits PS4 next week

Over on the Playstation Blog, Bossa Studios has announced that indie hit, Surgeon Simulator is coming to the Playstation 4 in the form of Surgeon Simulator: Anniversary Edition.

Bossa Studios community manager, Poppy Byron posted some details about the PS4 edition:

We had a lot of feedback from our fans about the operations we released exclusively on iPad. Many didn’t have iPads, and wanted to be able to complete the new eye and teeth transplants. They were sad. This made us sad.

There was only one solution – the A & E edition. This version of the game contains all of the best parts from the Steam and iPad release in one convenient package, for your gaming pleasure. The eye and teeth transplants and trolley mode from the iPad version of the game are all here, as well as the original operating theatre, ambulance, space and alien spacecraft operations. All of the operations that you have no doubt perfected, and can do with your eyes closed, well. They work on a CONTROLLER too. A CONTROLLER. The future is here!

Edited On 07 Aug, 2014

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