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EA not offering Madden demo for first time in 10 years

Not a member of EA's Early Access? Well then, for the first time in 10 years Madden will not be getting a demo, so the only way to play early will be to be a member of EA Early Access.

"The difficult decision not to do a demo for Madden was strictly a result of the team's commitment to deliver the highest quality game possible," EA said in a statement provided to IGN. "We chose to put 100% of our development resources toward the full game."

EA Access launched yesterday on Xbox One, offering Battlefield 4, FIFA 14 and Peggle 2 for free, with other games and early access for forthcoming games to follow. All of this comes at a cost of £3.99 a month, or £19.99 for a year.

Are you going to miss demos?

Edited On 12 Aug, 2014

Demos as a whole seem to be fading out in this generation used to love getting the Playstation magazine and trying the PS1 demos that came on a disc. Do magazines even do demos anymore?
Bindiana 9 months ago
Doubt it, surprised they still do magazines to be honest.
Gloria 9 months ago
Exactly the kind of shit many of us were saying EA was going to pull with their new subscription scheme. Soon it's almost certainly going to be game features being locked behind EA Access.
PrometheusFan 9 months ago
Demos are pretty pointless anyway especially for a game like this, I doubt playing a demo would sway anyones mind for it. The people that are going to be buying this would buy it regardless of a demo.
Zombieflamingo 9 months ago
Its a shame, as EA Sports used to make some great games. Now, all competition make better games. PES>Fifa, NBA 2K>NBA Live, MLB The Show>MVP etc. Its a shame the only way EA can get ahead is buying up all exclusivities. NFL 2K5 is still a better game than Madden and is 10 years old!! NHL maybe the only game that saw off its competition legitimately through better gameplay. I totally agree that this could end up being the demise of real going, as everything will end up being locked behind paywalls.
lofty1234 9 months ago
I suppose it is down to preference which one you find better, not a big fan of sports games though I do like the occasional golf one. From the majority of people on my friends list they prefer Fifa over PES.
Zombieflamingo 9 months ago
I agree that Fifa vs PES is more subjective than the rest and it is my opinion. However if you are looking for a better simulation of the sport, PES is better. The marketing power of EA Sports is pretty much insurmountable and the licences drive most people to Fifa regardless of its gameplay. As a total package, Fifa is better, but from core mechanics alone, PES was a better game as of last year (and I expect a much better showing on the new consoles).
lofty1234 9 months ago
I was under the impression that Fifa was more of a sim and PES was more arcade style gameplay. Though I have only played like 2 matches of Fifa and not played PES so I am just going from what I heard.
Zombieflamingo 9 months ago
I would tend to agree with you on that statement
Loli-Nox-Tan 9 months ago
No, PES has a much better underlying sim structure. Attacking and shooting is much more organic. Fifa still has quite a mechanical feeling but this is a personal preference. Fifa has no midfield play and thats why all you get is ping pong football, end to end. PES has build-up play.
lofty1234 9 months ago
mortal kombat
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