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PlayStation at gamescom - conference round up

Sony's conference kicked off in style with a showing of inFamous: First Light and you can check it out below.

Next up Sony showed off a new trailer for The Order 1886 and it's looking as great as ever. Here it is.

Next it was time for a LittleBigPlanet 3 trailer, once again showing off some fun new gameplay.

Bloodborne was the next title to be shown off in a new gameplay trailer. It's fair to say that this one is looking stunning, don't you think?

Ok so some gameplay was shown and now it was time for the real thing, with Sony starting with a video of a moody montage of symbols and games, with some notable characters in between such as Nathan Drake, Batman and some woman playing Singstar. There was also a glimpse of No Man's Sky, Disney Infinity 2.0, Oddworld, FIFA 15, Far Cry 4 and Minecraft. 

So the videos where over and it was time for Jim Ryan to take to the stage and promise us that we'll see fresh first party content tonight. He says that Sony has been humbled to the reception to PS4.

The big news? PS4 has sold 10 million units SOLD to consumers worldwide, we are guessing Crystal Dynamics knew about that news.

Next Dylan Cuthbert took to the stage, head of Q-Games which are famous for the PixelJunk series, but that's not why they were here, what they are bringing us though is an unusual looking title which looks like a lot of fun entitled The Tomorrow Children.

It has people shooting at robots, it has some sort of odd looking 50's war theme set in the future with parachuting umbrellas and hovering vehicles. It certainly looked different and it's PS4 exclusive.

Next up was a new detective style title The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, you can watch that below.

Mike Bithell of Thomas Was Alone fame was next on stage to show off Volume. Billed as an old-school stealth game that's been in Mike's head since MGS2. It's coming first to PS4 and PS Vita next year.

The next game shown has you lead a mercenary outfit and play solo or with up to four other players. It's from Ruffian games and Paradox and is known as Hollowpoint. Another title known as RuneMaster will also come from the same publisher and more will be revealed at a later date.

Dean Hall was next on stage. Is Day Z coming to PS4? Yes it is. Although we have no other details or footage, so here's a video for GUNS UP instead.

Ninja Theory announced its own title next, known as HellBlade. A trailer was shown but that's about it.

PS4 exclusive RIME was shown next. It looks a bit stunning doesn't it?

Destiny exclusive content was next up. Eric Hirshberg talked about how PS4 got early access to the beta and also revealed that it's the most pre-ordered game in history, with PS4 leading the way.

There was also a new trailer to give us a look at what you can expect from day one.

Timed exclusive content was also talked about, there are two expansions in the works and the first The Dark Below will launch in December.

Far Cry 4 was the next game to be talked about, with the developer showing off the more extreme environments within the game. This included a snow covered Himalayas and the tranquil environment of the Shangri-La.

As previously mentioned, if you purchase the game on PS4 you can also invite a friend to play with you in co-op mode for up to two hours at a time.

Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor was the next game to be shown and it's one that we are certainly looking forward too. The latter also has exclusive content.

Hideo Kojima was next onto the stage to a rousing reception and of course he was going to show us a new gameplay trailer.

There is a cardboard box in the trailer. You love it don't you?

Sony also announced PT, a title from a new studio. You can play the demo on the PlayStation Store now.

Jim Ryan came back on stage next to talk about PS4 system software 2.0.

One of the big features is share play allowing for a pass the controller like system. With this feature you can play together and your friends to not need to own or download the game. Sounds great.

Project Morpheus was next to be shown off, although it was not possible for Sony to show this off on stage and instead they asked people to check it out on the show floor.

PlayStation Now was announced for Europe. It's coming 2015 with the first beta arriving in the UK.

Next up was PlayStation TV. You can use it for Remote Play and PlayStation Now and it only costs €99 and comes with three digital games.

Refocussed, Rewritten and developed for PS4, next up was Until Dawn. It looks a little scary but pretty stunning.

DriveClub was shown off next, showing how your friends will give you a benefit by earning fame and sharing to rewards to unlock new cars and more. If you aren't the greatest at racing then it won't matter too much because if your friends are great then you'll share the benefits.

There is also a DriveClub app so that you can find out what rewards you have earned or you can even livestream and watch your friends in action.

The new weather system was also shown off, arriving as part of a patch soon after the release of the game, the weather looks amazingly realistic.

Media Molecule next on stage to some Tearaway music, although they ale brought the game with them too or at least a new game anyway. Yes that's right, Tearaway: Unfolded, a new game in the series, is coming to the PlayStation 4.

The game has been designed with the DualShock 4 in mind, making use of the light bar. Check out the new gameplay video below.

Another new PS4 exclusive was announced next from Housemarque. You may know them as developers of Resogun but this title looks far different, taking a more Dead Nation guise. Known as AlienNation it's probably best described as a post-apocalytpic third-person co-op shooter.

Check it out below.

Another new PS4 exclusive was next from Wild Sheep Studio. 

Wild is the name and it sees you play as human or any living creature you wish. Yet again it's a stunning looking title from Sony's console. 

And that was it. 

Quite a few games on show, don't you think?

Edited On 12 Aug, 2014

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PrometheusFan's avatar
PrometheusFan 2 years ago
Lot of new titles announced there, and practically all of them were both exclusive and new IPs. Alienation and Wild in particular looked fantastic.
kitkatkita's avatar
kitkatkita 2 years ago
Wild and Rime looked amazing. Fantastic news about Tearaway, love the new features shown in LBP.The Tomorrow Children and Bloodborne look interesting. Everything else was looked vaguely interesting apart from the flashy shooter like ones and the horrors which I'm not really a fan of (plus, I suck at them.. lol) I love the new Share Play feature though, now I can get some of my friends to help me on games I'm stuck on. :v Also, it means that all those 2 player games I have like Knack and Skylanders with no one at home to play with me, I can now play with friends when they launch the feature. Heck yes!
Shoozle's avatar
Shoozle 2 years ago
I am so god damn hyped for Bloodborne.
NathanW18's avatar
NathanW18 2 years ago
A lot of the games interested me. This was a great show by Sony. Many new IP's, too.
JoeToots's avatar
JoeToots 2 years ago
Rime looks good but nothing is screaming buy me.
inspector 74's avatar
inspector 74 2 years ago
Tearaway on the PS4 looks awesome I reckon, think overall they showed some cool looking games but they truely kicked the Vita to the curb didnt they???anyway much better show than I initially thought it would be.

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