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PlayRoom to get 'AR Studio' DLC this week

As you may know, a lot of PS4 owners have been using The PlayRoom as a way to broadcast live ‘shows’ through the Live From PlayStation app and this week Sony is releasing new DLC built around that central concept. 

With AR STUDIO, formerly known as Set Maker, you can use your tablet or smartphone (Android or iOS), to turn your living room into a broadcasting studio. Fill your sets with images or photos stored on your smart device, or draw your sets from scratch. You can also add various special effects to the screen like interactive smoke and lasers using your Dualshock 4. 

You will need to download the PlayStation App for your smart device, which you can get for free on either the App Store or Google Play.

"Since our first reveal at E3 In June, we have made a few additions to make the experience even better," says Sony.

"We have added a ton of screen effects to make your video or broadcast more atmospheric, including Retro, Arty, Futuristic or Psychedelic effects. It’s all there for you to experiment with.

"You can now also play your own MP3s by loading them on a USB memory stick, and we’re also throwing in a whole bunch of pre-set music tracks and sound effects for you to use. We’ve improved the masks feature to include a few cool Sony classic heads for you to wear.

We’ve also added controller effects like interactive colored smoked and a confetti canon for live celebrations. Next, if you have recorded videos on your PS4, you will be able to play them back inside a dedicated projector. This is an amazing feature and great way for you to do live commentaries over your recorded game sessions and maybe even give out some advice to those watching you.

"Finally, we’ve included a rating system for your broadcasts. We called on our little AR Bots friends to deliver the results of your live polls. By using the “Interact button”, any PS4 viewers can join in and answer questions you ask them. It’s a great opportunity to run all sorts of contests or even host your own quiz show."

Will you be broadcasting your own show?

Edited On 18 Aug, 2014

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